Version 19.10 - General Feedback

They don’t need to be rewritten or redesigned. All that is needed are more career agents that teach more things. The existing CA introduce to and teach people all kinds of important lessons and information about EVE’s many activities and do a great job at that. EVE doesn’t need a rework of those (outside of bug fixes and maybe some adjustments to the terrible developments of recent years). EVE needs more CA that teach more things.

Out of all these things, I don’t see what is the issue. The Tutorial already tells you to loot wrecks, the economy agent tells you how to mine ore and what is in that ore (mining trit is a bug that just needs fixing, not rework) and getting the proof of discovery from a wreck is self-explanatory if you paid attention in the tutorial.


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While I agree with you, to a point. I’d like to know how many newbies quit “during” the drawn out tutorial.

Isn’t the new cinematic tutorial supposed to draw them in instead of repelling them?


So they say.
I don’t think “repell” is quite the right word, frustrate might be more apt.
In the words of a friend I play another game with - It’s fuking boring, how long do I have to do this for.
Took me 2 years to talk him into giving Eve a try and 10 minutes in, including character creation, he’d had enough. We ended up skipping the tutorial [which if you don’t know how is a daunting task on it’s own] and I showed him, from my point of view, how to get started. 3 months later and he’s looking at startng a 2nd account.
Sad thing is, he is far better at market trading than I am and he has a respectable killboard.