Version 20.01 - Known Issues (PC)

Be sure to bug report it too and attach the screenshot to the bug report.

Is the Large Industrial Core II supposed to burn 3x the heavy water as the T1 version? It burns more heavy water than a unskilled t1 core.

hadn’t seen it in any patch note changes,
but when it came out this was the consumption for the LIC
250 of units water

and the LIC II 500 units of water

just checked in game and it says the same as the patch notes. 250 for T1 and 500 for T2 consumption.
If its consuming more than 500 for the T2, create a bug report

Expired Warp Convergence filaments: descriptions removed. :frowning_face:

Please restore the flavor text describing the unusable but now collectible remanents of the event filaments.
Simply add the “Expired” message to the top of the original descriptions.

I understand we want to make it clear to players that these items don’t do anything anymore, but it goes too far to delete all information about what these items were used for.

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Ice belts still don’t despawn correctly when mined empty.

What is going on with the ore belts?

I adopted new fits for the new spread out belts and would occasionally run into a horseshoe belt, but now they’ve been all horseshoes for a few days?

Serious costs associate with re-fits. Which is it going to be?

I had a really strange technical event with the client last night which kicked me off my horseshoe belt.

Went fullscreen
hit windows key to get to desktop
then instead of allowing me to click back on it and go back to game it created a second log in window and here’s the oddness. It was the old log in window I remember from 2008.
had to restart client to get back in game

The ambience music, like the one in high sec or the scary hum of wormhole space, disapper entirely evrytime to go to a site
The combat music will, also, alwasy start, regardless if you have the box “use combat music” unchecked

This is my setup
Screenshot by Lightshot

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