Version 20.03 - Known Issues (PC)

Hello everyone,

It’s that time of the month and we have a new patch on our hands which went live today 8 March. Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in this version of EVE Online.

Quick Info:

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  • Aura’s “asteroid depleted” line after an asteroid is fully mined is no longer occurring.


  • Compressed Brimful Sylvite and Compressed Pollucite are not correctly compressing


  • Some exploration sites cannot be scanned down.
  • Some mining sites are not being completed correctly, which prevents them from respawning.


  • Undocking from some stations with a lot of glass can lead to too bright visuals, if the reflections settings are set to Medium or higher.


  • New Compressor Blueprints are not seeded on Markets.

New Player Experience

  • Quickly skipping through the Wallet introduction can cause guidance to be lost.
  • Warping to a location other than the mining site can cause Aura’s conversation window to close prematurely.
  • Guidance can be lost if the wrong station is docked at after completing the mining site.
  • Some UI blinks may be missing when the client is set to a language other than English.
  • Some guidance may be missing during the Career Path Skill Plan introduction when the client is set to a language not using the Latin alphabet.
  • Some windows disabled by the NPE remain disabled after skipping the tutorial.


  • Unable to inject new Compression Skills through the Character Sheet
  • Fleet Compression Logistics are not applying to Capital Compressor Modules

Where exactly are the blueprints? Am I being blind or have they not actually been added :upside_down_face:


Maybe the NPCs already bought them all. :smirk:


new version, still the old neocom fvckup. i am very impressed.

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This patch deleted all Text Input field auto complete entries. Every single one of my important auto complete texts is gone.



Sitting right in Jita with several Caldari Navy stations right near the system.



Once again, things have not been seeded on the market.

This is becoming a regular occurrence.



The highlight all effect persists in text input boxes or becomes borked and persistently double highlights a random part of the values.



Compressed asteroid ore is now more than double in size compared to before the patch for the same amount of material.

What ore specifically are you looking at?
The new Veldspar compared to the old, looks good to me

Shipboard compression skill is still not available for remote injection was under the impression it would be for 150 m according to the outlines of the update provided earlier .

/edit or perhaps they were supposed to be seeded in npc stations but they dont seem to have been

Every asteroid ore besides veldspar, scordite and spodumain.

Probe window still bugged.

It does not show the correct strength, deviation and scan time when drugs (air boosters) have been taken.

Can also confirm this to be the case after looking into it myself
CCPlease fix!

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Can confirm this to be the case also
Material Logistics is going to be tougher, especially with Mercoxit transportation

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Neocom issue still exists. CCP just quietly removed it from the known issues because they can care less. They need to make room for their stupid circle progress indicator…Yet again fixing things that ain’t broke. GG CCP…

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WTB Shipboard Compression Technology skillbook plz

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The new rule is for the CONSTRUCTION GANTRY.

Not the completed POCOs.

Right, too stupid to read the notes properly

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