Version 20.03 - Known Issues (PC)

wayward particle effects when warping up to a gate

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Hitting enter while making market orders no longer creates the order, need to use the mouse on the buy button.

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I think some ore does not compress correctly. Take Brimful Sylvite:

Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 10.53.29

its the only one if found so far, but could be more, and this is after we had 2 DT already so not a transient bug


The misplaced display issues with the right click menu also affects the range input field of the dscan window. Previously, the numbers were only moved 1 space to the side so that only the 3 in 14.3 was partially hidden behind the arrows but now everything but the 1 is hidden.



Can confirm same

@CCP_Paragon , @CCP_Swift

why is this not anymore in the 20.02 known issues for pc but for mac?
when is this fixed?
did u care about that?

This issue wasn’t fixed by the implemented right click menu fix today:

Bookmark names no longer overlap with arrows in the context menu.




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same with Ice Anomalies in Nullsec

found a bug this ore is the normal size after compression Compressed Brimful Sylvite

Can confirm, Pollucite as well

The ice belts in Halaima, Kamio, Piekura, and Aakari are bugged. The fix made it worse somehow. It had been pretty stable for a while.

When you warp to a player structure in the right click space nested menu, it will some times send you to the wrong structure.

The bug from 1st day of the compression test is still there.
Skill Fleet Compression Logistics is not working.
I have Rorq with t2 core active, capital moon compressor active, and skill Fleet Compression lvl 5.
The default range of the compressor is 144km. With skill, it should be 216 km, but no changes with buffs in the info of the module, no changes in the tooltip of the module.
When I try to compress ore with a ship in a fleet in the range of 160km from Rorq, I receive an error “No ship in your fleet has active compressor” when I do so from 143km - everything is fine.

AND this bug which I reported already via bug report in Test Server and yesterday, is still open, no1 cares about it, and it is not in known issues. How?

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Capital Shipboard Compression Technology

  • This advanced skill enables shipboard operation of ORE’s new materials compression technology. Each level unlocks specialized compressor modules for use on capital ships equipped with industrial cores.

Except that you have to be level 5 to use the Capital Moon Ore Compression Module at all. No levels about it.

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Yes the history of the autofil has been removed - new entries start working as they should, will there be any chance of getting the old history back?

This, and Polucite and Brimfull Sylvite that does not reduce in volume when compressed - surely these are known issues by now?

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Hey guys. Just weighing in on the Audio Issue with the “Asteroid Depleted” message.

I had two accounts running last night. One pilot in an orca and one in a covetor. I was still getting the Audio message from “Aura” around 50% of the time. However when i was getting the message it wasn’t coinciding with any rocks dying. It seemed to be happing about 10-30 seconds after the rock had popped.

Not the end of the world. Just thought it might be relevant while you are looking for a fix.

Dear CCP,

even after DT today ore sites are still broken :frowning:

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