Version 20.04 General Feedback

This is exactly my point. A lot of them we probably don’t know about. Because they’re well integrated into the game or still function, on the client side, the same way they always did. Why does this one have to stick out like a sore thumb?

Since Tuesday’s update, I’m experiencing lags (frames loss), or sometimes some clicks just won’t work on first try. This happen mainly when targeting something or on the final blow for killing something. Good thing I’m only shooting fireworks or doing low tier abyssals this week, else I could be in trouble

Oh really? The skill queue that is an entirely separate window doesn’t stick out from anything else in tranquility? What about the chat channels that are entirely separate windows? (however don’t think that was part of quasar) The accomplishment board that opens an entirely separate window? Leader boards that open in an entirely separate window? None of these are integrated at all other than the drag and drop you can do between any of the separate clients.

The skill queue does not function the same way it did when the original queue was in place. leaderboards and accomplishments I don’t believe existed before quasar. Chat channels do not function the same way they did before they were separated into separate clients.

You don’t have a point. The complaint is a meritless ‘who moved the cheese’ complaint.

Good job CCP: Remove shield damage cap so solo guy in cloaky Titan and cyno alt in Arazu can go around entire neighborhood and quickly reinforce all structures when no one is in local… and as soon as you jump into the system he cyno out…