Version 20.05 - Known Issues

EDIT: i missed something. You can ignore this

Same issue here. If you let it sit there for about an hour it will finally load. Did for me anyway. After that it works correctly. This has happened to me every time for the last few patches.

Edit: Oddly sometimes it’s only on one account and sometimes it is all of them. To clarify, this is only the first login after a big patch. After that first time I can log in and out normally until the next big patch.


The Copy To Clipboard Button in the fitting preview is gone.



CCP screwed up the tech level corners. The indicator is off center and was made smaller and is very blurry.

This is how it should look like:


The same blurriness also happens for standing tags in chats.



find in personal assets no longer works bring up a blank page so I searched manually and I have loads of the item I searched for


This bug was reported above and this the solution until fixed

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Game still lags an aweful lot.

I still only get the asteroid exhausted notification when someone else has popped a rock i have been mining when the strip miner finishes or i short cycle it
When will the notification be fixed for when you yourself deplete a rock, it’s annoying that its still broken

As of today - Eve Online won’t start - Launcher tried to start EVE application, but it fails with message “Incompatible Build”. Client is 2044356

Skill Plans are broken for most (but not all) of my corpies, myself included.

A few skillbooks have been missing from the NPC market since mid december (exhumers, capital industrial ships, capital industrial reconfiguration…) is there any indication of when this will be fixed?