Version 20.10 - Known Issues

Hello everyone,

Here you will find a list of any known issues as we become aware of them for patch 20.10.

Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues.

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Known Issues:

Factional Warfare

  • Players can take standings hits for completing Rendezvous points
  • Rendezvous Sites do not despawn when completed
  • Loyalty Points are being paid to both winners and losers of Battlefield Factional Warfare sites.
  • Music in Factional Warfare Battlefields not respecting audio settings
  • Propaganda Beacons are working correctly but Advantage Points gained through their use is not obvious due to the user-interface not showing decimal points.


  • Level of detail transitions for dreadnoughts can be inconsistent.
  • Missing icons for some faction hulls and their blueprints
  • VFX during warp on the coercer are detached from the ship
  • Navy Cormorant dirt doesn’t accumulate correctly
  • Corporation emblems do not immediately update when a new logo is set. This includes the initial default logo after creating a corporation.
  • Thunderchild ship clips through the Assets in Upwell Hangar
  • Player’s ship performs a re-dock animation when moving the camera back inside of an Upwell structure
  • Battleships are sometimes located too low in Upwell Hangars causing them to overlap the dock
  • When switching to the capital sized hangar, all ads about attacks on the structure in the Upwell Hangar disappears
  • Camera can be zoomed in close after switching to a capital ship in Upwell Hangar
  • Ads located on and near the dock do not change status during attacks on Upwell Structures
  • The Zirnitra’s Triglavian Powerball pops in and lingers when changing ships in the Upwell Capital hangar
  • Applying a SKIN in the Upwell hangar hides fitted turrets
  • Applying a SKIN in the Upwell Hangar will jostle the active ship
  • Emblems not visible on multiple ships docked in new Upwell Hangars
  • Emblems fade out briefly before reappearing when a SKIN is applied
  • In some cases some lights are flickering constantly inside of the Upwell Hangar
  • Strategic Cruiser models do not update when changing subsystems in the Upwell Hangar
  • Erroneous VFX on the Nightmare - We are currently rounding up the tigers and returning them to their cages
  • Erroneous VFX on the Stork - We blame the tigers…
  • Erroneous VFX on the Stiletto - Further tiger mayhem…
  • Phoenix now shows VFX when warping and while in siege mode
  • Machariel no longer shows erroneous VFX
  • Bustard no longer shows erroneous VFX
  • Enforcer no longer shows erroneous VFX


  • Graphic Settings: Optimize Settings for Quality does not update the Ambient Occlusion setting

Native Mac Client

  • On Macs with an Intel Graphics chip there are sometimes black lines visible on some Ambient Occlusion settings. Workaround: Disable Ambient Occlusion.

User Interface

  • Some Corporation logos may overlap the slot in the Personalization tab
  • SKIN changes are not immediately reflected in the Fitting Window’s Equipment tab
  • Sorting by EM in Paragon Loyalty Points Stores may not always reorder the items
  • Switching to the Personalization tab while simulating a Citadel will instantly switch the view back to the Equipment tab
  • Corporation EverMarks value will not appear higher than 1000. This is a visual error; the EverMarks are still being earned correctly.
  • Rarely, an IRIS agents may not offer a mission to a character within their Station. Missions may still be accepted remotely.
  • The Jita IRIS agent can appear twice within the Paragon agents tab of the Agency
  • HyperNet Relay window tab does not load properly. Work-around: Switch to another tab and then back to the initial tab by using navigation arrows in the top left of the HyperNet Relay.

Photon UI

  • No plus icon in the Chat window header - You can still open the Chat Channels window via right-clicking on the Chat icon in the Neocom

NES is unavailable. More than 1 person visits the NES at a time and it buckles. :joy:

NES lacks pictures:

Has worked fine for me on each account so far…

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Im logged into eve, and every 10-15 secconds or so CPU usage spikes (up to 30% CPU on one client, which pre patch was staying at about 5%), my client freezes, the cpu % goes down to normal, and then the cycle repeats. Game for me is currently unplayable now, had no issues pre patch ;(


The Frontlines data has not been added to the /fw/systems ESI endpoint


I have quite a bit of performance issues now when docked into an Upwell, I get about 30 FPS compared to the locked 60 I had before. I suspect some optimisation is on the way as soon as undocking is complete the performance is right where it used to be.


The docking camera in stations resets every time you dock and it shows the ship from below or other otherwise impossible to achieve angles.

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Wrong ship displayed for this pack. Same for the Gallente pack which shows an Exequor instead of the BNI.

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The Advantages data is not visible via ESI, it has not been added to /fw/systems or to its own endpoint

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Spanish traslation its bugged

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I dont know what has changed to cause the game to lock up constantly and hang, there were no issues apart from doing 42+ jumps and the game would bomb out to the desktop, the uprising patch is causing issues and its currently unplayable for me, i dont know why something has to be messed with when its working, these things annoy players and cause them to leave the game.


Amd FSR does not work in window. Does work pooor or almost not work in full screen!!

This was an issue in a previous patch, I believe it got better. Now though, it’s REALLY bad - it’s not just Upwell either, it’s happening in Jita 4-4 for instance, and on the outside of Upwell Structures as well (I’ve seen it on at least one Keepstar).

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New EverMarks button in the corp wallet broke the UI, and it’s in way too prominent a spot - replacing far more important buttons

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regression : transparency applied even with “disabled light background”.


noticed a big increase in fps. , how ever fps tanks when in a citadel dock.

the Upwell consortium emblem on the docking platform is backwards.

Corp wallet tabs screwed up in the existing UI. Yay.

I only tested this once, so not sure if it will happen. Went in to an upwell structure and had no other ships, so clicked ‘Board my Corvette’ to see a second in action, and the camera did not go to the new ship, nor did it fix properly to the original.

Also, despite having a really good GPU (I am running in Linux though, but my FPS has always been silky smooth), the hanger is noticeably slower.