Version 20.10 - Known Issues

Any update on this? As far as I know this is still happening. Friendly rats kill all the advantage you get from any source by popping their own supply depots.

So no one can keep any advantage up…

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Something I noticed since the last 2 updates is that the “My Fleet” tab in the fleet window takes a noticeable amount of time to load after I join a fleet. In the past the loading was instantaneous, now it’s a good second of empty space until the hierarchy appears.

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I agree, everything gets a bit more laggy with each update.

I believe there’s too much overkill done on Graphics and UI, thus making this game very resource hungry. CCP probably thinks everybody has the latest maxed out gaming computers when most players are using computers 5+ years or older…


btw, CCP - any idea why?:

Have they heared about the internet/extranet/hypernet/whatevernet in the future? Or are we smuggling some cocainum inside those ships… oh wait!

upd: to be clear - i already have the required ship at the drop-off location. But it demands me to move my pod there to complete the mission. Why?

I presume it’s intentional to make you move out of your comfort zone and enjoy Jita local. :wink:

Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

When I open the show info of this station and open the 3D preview of the station, my client crashes. This is with graphics settings all high, except for Anti-Aliasing, which is medium.

Paragon and Emperor Family station preview don’t crash the client.

EBR-241718 with log lite included.

we need half of these in-game the last one looks like a real ship model though

The default settings for the overview have been updated but your current overview settings remain unchanged.

The new default settings are based on the community-made Z-S Overview pack and they provide many improvements to the overview structure of tabs and presets.

To apply the new default settings to your overview, use the Reset All Overview Settings option in the Misc section of the Overview Menu.

To preserve your current settings, use the Export Overview Settings option before resetting the settings.

This is all nice and dandy, but:

  • I have my own overview settings and do not need the default settings. Now there is a myriad of default settings added to the end of the list in the Overview Settings. I can live with that, except for that it makes the right click menu on an overview tab even worse if you have many more settings than what the screen can display.

This is my list. It was already cut off before today but now it’s cut off even more at the top and bottom.

  • A real problem that is not fixable by ignoring it or “get used to” is the following: While the new default overview settings are added to the end of the list in Overview Settings, they are added at the top of the list in the Dscan filter list. This is inconsistent and makes no sense. It also makes it impossible to use your own settings quickly and efficiently via hotkeys because all hotkeys are blocked by the new default settings. The new default settings should be at the end of the list just like in the Overview Settings window.
  • Exporting the settings without “General Overview Settings” does not remove weird “defaultall”, “defaultwarpto” etc. I cannot get rid of the default overview settings or these superfluous old defaults.

Yeah, I saw that message when I undocked, I didn’t mess with the Overview since it was showing my own tab settings.

Hopefully it stays that way…

so @CCP_Paragon will the performance issues ever be adressed?

Probably the same decade they address the camera spawning in the floor of NPC stations when you dock.

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I’m not sure if this is intentional or a bug, but it feels like a bug.

Following the in-game prompt to reset Overview settings using the Misc tab → Reset All Settings results in all players being set neutral in chat channels if no other standing exists.

This appears to be a display bug, looking at character standings doesn’t show any change, nor does the standing icon overlay on the character portrait.

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I have an issue with my audio. All the sounds are coming from the opposite speakers. If I see an explosion on my left it is heard on my right.

Shift-F launches random drones, not necessarily the group marked as favorite for launching. This has come and gone in the last few patches, but still happening.