Version 21.03 - General Feedback

That’s a shame. There’s a nonzero chance that jumping on this one might prove ridiculously lucrative if it provides a means for that tech to fall into capsuleer hands.

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Hmm. I have some bugs since the new patch:

  • I cannot access the “Locations” and “Contacts” windows in the UI any more. The NeocomBar shows Icons for them as if they were open, but clicking on these icons does not do anything. Also right-clicking on these Icons and selecting “close” does not do anything. Shortcuts for those Windows also do not work. Which makes the game basically unplayable in a WH.

  • I constantly get messages that I was “banned from Chat XYZ” but that Character (lets name it A) never was in that chat. Another character (lets name it B) on the same account is in that channel and still have access. But A should not even try to join the channel as he never was in there before and (of course) does not have access rights.

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Yeah, I can’t imagine how this would be át all a good thing in capsuleer hands.

So if I understand it correctly, this shipcaster nonsense is about teleporting ships direct into a battle.

Would this be the same game where a silly, much vaunted megabattle just resulted in a node death and lots of tears because too many people tried to join the fight and the computer said no?

Brilliant, Holmes, brilliant.

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Hm… This is strange but guns on my Zealot doesn’t move/rotate…


No label on the “Amount” field.


This is good - but is it in the patch notes?

I never used the drag drones move, feels longer than to do a quick right click + click (as long as Launch DroneS is the first option, 1px away).

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You mean like how you totally changed the way drones can be launched, in the UI, but there’s no mention of it in the patch notes ?


Ah, there is actually an icon to launch all drones. But CCP, in their infinite wisdom, decided to HIDE it unless you move your cursor to the top of the drones window ( the line with the 3 dots ). Then you will find a ‘Launch Drones’ icon magically appears.

I’ve no idea how this one icon is going to deal with multiple drone groups.

how do i open my market orders? as the button does not work and neather does the neocom button open
the only way I can open it is logging off and waiting 60 seconds ffsk

CCp why do you employ people who make it hell to play this game? Let’s guess the people you employ never test the game because they never play the game


Great work CCP :slightly_smiling_face:

Can we please have the screenshots in higher resolution, I use them as wallpaper&screensaver on my 3840x2180 screen. :pleading_face:

The turret sounds are magnificent. Good work.

Not listed in the patch notes though is the rising and falling whining sound while docked. It is attached to the ‘world’ slider which I usually keep at 20% already … even turning it down to 10% makes me want to throw my computer out the window.

Whoever added this sound needs to have it played loudly while he is trying to sleep. Only 2 minutes until I found it exceptionally tiresome. I think it is triggering some sort of C-5 Galaxy related PTSD. Those old whiny engines before the last engine upgrade series. (Edit to confirm after checking C-5 videos … perhaps I’m the only one that finds this wildly upsetting as it is definitely similar to a C-5’s engine changing rpm and occasionally wavering in tone/volume due to wind changes.)

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Yes watch list color mode it is in the patch notes … from ~3 years ago.

Why for all that is sane, if you warp to the shadow site, aren’t you suspect? You should not be suspect only if you slide the gate.
How do you get points? There is no breakdown in game of what activities get you what amount of points.
We tried this, lost some ships on the second site that got tackled outside of site, the rest of fleet couldn’t help because the ship aggressing our fleet member wasn’t suspect and its high sec. Some in fleet received more points than others who were there for the same amount of time.
Its not yet as broken and junk as the trig invasion but comes close.

We had the Blood Raider Halloween event, we had the Sansha Winter event… both same as the year before.

We got Lunar New Year skins and then no Valentine’s Day event so… we’ll see if we get Gureasters here in a few weeks, I guess (Guristas + Easter event).

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Why is the event designed to lock out players from running it?

  1. Why are the research centers in hisec?
  2. Why there are EDENCOM forces inside the research center?
  3. Why is the deposit structure 40km off the warp-in point?

My Gallente standing is 8.74 and I’d like to further help my faction in this event, but for some reason there is a hostile fleet inside my faction’s research center and I can’t deliver the datacores. Lol.

Please strongly reconsider reimagining the medium beam weapon sounds.

They all sound terrible. Projectile weapons sound more like lasers, and lasers like children toy pew pew guns.

From reading your posts, you probably should refrain from talking about “idiots” or things/people being “dumb”.