Version 21.03 - General Feedback

OK maybe it’s the patchr, maybe it’s because I deleted cookies, or maybe I’m not even on my regular computer, but I’d rather the first option for a drone group be to launch them like it used to be instead of viewing market details

When you right click on your drones in your little drone window, you moved the “launch drones” from right next to where you click the mouse all the way to the bottom, and replaced it with “view market details.” Why? Who asked you to do this? I think you’ll find that most players are hundreds of times more likely to want to launch their drones while in space than they are to want to buy new ones.

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by the way, you can still see the market option from the drone window

Switched “launch drones” to be the top option when right clicking on a drone.

from the latest Patchnotes misses the :handshake:

Prior to today’s update:

  1. Look at a player info window.
  2. Click the employment history tab.
  3. Hover over any part of a line which extends past the edge of the window, and a tooltip pops up with the full text so you can read the missing part of the line.

After today’s update:
Point 3 no longer works, hovering over the corp name gives a clickable link (to the exact same place the “i” icon at the end of the line always used to - and still does - link to, so we’re losing a useful feature to add an already-available feature in a second place while still having space to have the old feature and failing to deliver).

Please un-remove the useful feature you removed.

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Did I miss something or today’s update has no patch notes?

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I look forward to fixing this bug as soon as possible

Correct - the patch notes acknowledge today’s date, but content is there none…

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Change your Launcher to English, which is the primary support language

use english launcher

Some random Omber and Kernite belts would be nice now and then if your not too busy :slight_smile:

Did something change with the abyssal random encounter generator? Today at first I was only getting triglavians, which I found a bit odd but could just be bad luck.

Then I got Karybdis Tyrannos 6 times in a row…

There have been a few times you will get just utterly slapped with “death waves” I am still not 100% but if you have a pod with certain implants the abyss spawns some very crazy rooms, in comparison to other abyssal runs.