Version 21.04 - Known Issues

Your new chat feature is bad and you should feel bad. I didn’t need those 69420 windows to open themselves. Please fix your fix. Thank you.


I agree whay think need make all these changes Eve was fine for years why we play now think need menu’s and other bs like on drone window wtf. As Dd use say if not broke don’t fix it wish was never sold Korean company typical as a asian think computer guru’s need mess with things


WTB EVE servers that are actually functional.

No local in contested is a great idea.

Latest update broken project discovery for me. I used to run it on 2 accounts - 5 on one, then 5 on another and back to the first just in time it refreshed. Now it looks like both account share the same cooldown. I can do 4 on first, 1 on second and they both pop the slow down window

It also shares the 200 cap between accounts

Has anyone heard anything from CCP on the issues introduced on the 4/25 patch? I still haven’t gotten any response to the bug I reported over 22 days ago, the the posts in this known issues thread, or the support case I filed 12 days ago. Continuing to see lots of client freezes and stuttering introduced in the 4/25 patch. The Eve logging tool LogLite shows tons of exceptions being thrown that correlate with the freezes I’ve uploaded log files where the issues are reproduced and captured to the support case, but weeks have passed with no response or even an acknowledgment of the issues. Is there any other way to contact someone at CCP that can do something about this?


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In addition to chat issues, CCP now made it a game of luck whether you get on a killmail or not. I pumped 13k damage into a Mobile Depot, but did not get on the killmail. Other people reliably don’t get on ship kills either.
Another issue that has started to occur recently (or gotten much worse): bookmark brackets don’t load anymore and require a restart of the sensor overlay.

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IF you destroy the gifted destroyer in the stupidly unskippable and unabortable Paragon tutorial, you cannot finish the tutorial, you cannot quit the tutorial, you cannot end it … unless you buy a new ship. For a tutorial that I don’t want or need to do.

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More people have issues with this crappy Paragon tutorial. :rofl:

Why would CCP hid the god damn “Skip tutorial” under a question mark? :rage:


Days Since Eve Broken with 4/25 Patch

Tue, April 25, 2023 6:00 AM

-39 : 00 : -51 : -59
Days Hours Minutes Seconds

Patch released: 4/25/2023
Bug reported: 5/2/2023
First post in 4/25 Known Issues Thread: 5/2/2023
Support Case created: 5/12/2023
No response from CCP

Continuing to experience frequent client freezes and stuttering after 4/25 patch. CCP has not responded or acknowledged the issues.


Same thing here, especially when the Market window is opened the first time after logging in, the game freezes and is unresponsive for a few minutes. With first undock the game will stutter and jump a bit before running smoothly. Also the in-game music and station sounds are intermittent.

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