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My lord that is bad. Like… how did this get past testing,


Yes, it makes no sense

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I’d also be interested to know if the duration was intended or if CCP thought more people would sign up to fight the insurgency.
If it continues at the current pace there’ll be zero High Sec space within a month and the four major race based factions will effectively have been overthrown and made irrelevant.

the insurgiencies “activities” window is showing that the current insurgency is over.

however, you can still shoot interdiction bubbles in the old corrupted systems.

  1. I believe insurgency effects should go away when the insurgency ends
  2. 0.8 systems are immune anyway

That is not to say the speed wasn’t a bit of a bummer, it being over almost as it started, but hisec is safe. :wink:

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Simple: CCP doesn’t test, they outsource the testing to the playerbase who do it for free. :psyccp:


That’s what they used to pretend to do in the past, nowadays there’s simply no testing at all any more.

They had the test server and consistently ignored any player or CSM feedback they got from it before applying patches on the production server, now they don’t have the intermediate step with the test server receiving (some but not all) updates before they go into production. Without that intermediate step, development can be at a much faster pace, you see :wink:

Given how consistent the local chat will fail after an update, and how easy it would be to integration test whether the local player list and the game environment are being consistent, I doubt they have an automated test at all, or had an automated test in the past. It’s the same issue we had dozens of times in the past already, even if they skipped the creation of a regression test on it when they “fixed” it the first time, or the second, or third, … they would have a regression test in the meantime.

I wasn’t referring to the test server. :wink:

I read your entire post, and I acknowledge you mentioned it didn’t made much sense but you didn’t compare it to the utility of the corruption bonuses, allow me to expand on the particular point mentioned in the quote above:

  • Increased PVP loot drops for pirates ← it helps exclusively the pirate militia but not neutrals nor empire militia
  • Faction Navy and Criminal Police NPCs stop spawning in high-security systems. ← means the pirate militia can assault every target in high-sec, empire militia and neutrals (paired with the above loot drop bonus it makes for an incredible benefit if you want to make a total denial of access to the system and still profit from killing everything in sight and looting. This only count for ship, not pods though)
  • Roaming pirate spawns will start to appear and warp around the system. These NPCs will engage anyone who is not aligned with the current pirate faction leading the insurgency. (note the “everyone not aligned”, so it means NPCs can web/point/attack any neutral who is traveling in a HighSec corrupted system in stage 2)
  • At stage 3, it spreads to a neighboring system, meaning the pirate militia are able to expand the area they can affect and use it for their own gain
  • At stage 4 pirate militia earn a flat +2au warp speed
  • At Stage 5 everyone who wishes to kill anything can do so in HS without incurring criminal timers, at this point, you can call every friend in Null in your contact list and let them loose if pirates want to scorch the land.

As the final effect of the insurgency, after the pirates have hold sov for a day, the system that hosted the FOB will go vulnerable and can be flipped by the empire aligned enemy militia, further debilitating any position for one side.

None of the above bonuses for corruption require “a centrally organized” command for pirates, nor any kind of coordination of fleets and engagements. It benefits the individual, and the groups (of any size), it even allows small pirate groups to keep expanding their hunting grounds as much as they want. So i do not understand your argument about monolithic structures.

It’s not in the best interest of the pirate militia to end an insurgency “early”, they will most likely opt to keep it alive and extend its effects as much as possible

Meaning plunder and kill as much as possible for as long as possible, I applaud CCP in this case, they made it in such a way that portrays exactly the pirate fantasy and is appealing to go for it, which is a good mechanic design.

My complaint is in the poor support of empire militias fighting back the corruption.

In comparison empire militia

  • increased bounties (which funnily enough overrides risk bounty modifier already present in the system, so if the system had 190% value, and you get suppression 1 with 5% you only get 5% more pay on the isk bounty of the NPC). It does not help the empire militia in any direct/indirect way).
  • to increase sec rating gains (pointless, as empire militia will most likely engage neutrals who pirate the area, and the new pirate plex sites do not flag neutral parties as suspect when entering, unlike empire FW sites which do)
  • Stage 2 provides some increase in LP payouts which is welcomed, but it hasn’t been clarified if its only for the normal empire FW sites or for the pirate sites too. (we weren’t able to particularly observe any increase in the pirate ones, if it’s only for the empire FW it creates a dilemma on which plexes the empire militia should focus on and detracts from the overall insurgency progress)
  • Stage 3 does provide 2 very important bonuses, slower progress for pirates and friendly fleet NPCs roaming that engage pirate-flagged pilots. (personally i would have added these earlier at small values and increment it as you progress on the suppresion side),
  • Stage 4 Finally a combat-related bonus with 10% increase in scram/web range
  • Stage 5 special type of unique sentry guns deployed by the friendly NPC fleets that will engage pirates, however, this stage does not negate any of the corruption effects in any way, and the system can still have bubbles in low-sec or be a free for all in High-sec

The situation is a bit stacked against the empire militia in many ways, we were already defending low-sec areas from aggression on the opposing empire militia, the pirate ones are a destabilization force in the same space, but there are few mechanics that support fighting the two sides. Wait till the Caldari get their own insurgency near Uedama and it gets corrupted to 5 and you will see the forum explode with complaints from people with no interest in the havoc content at all (which i recon would be funny to see but be a very hard pillow to swallow for CCP)



cant warp to any stargates.



just the rightclick menu works.

probe window is blanc black

I would like to have more colour options ie. Being able to have full black on menu backgrounds instead of being grey

Totally agree, although if the FOB is destroyed i don’t think our stuff should go to asset safety at all, it should drop as loot.

As it stands i don’t see any incentive for the empires to even participate honestly, other than for fun. And let’s be real…

Can you? The warp speed effects were not active, and i didn’t notice and roaming npcs. Interesting

I use the Log Off button in the settings a lot and I really don’t like that I have to move my mouse all the way to the left abyss corner of the screen now. Highly annoying.

Wait until you try doing it on an ultra-wide high resolution screen. It’s a marathon!

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But it makes perfect sense. This empty space will be occupied by ads soon.

Ah, I see. Thanks for that. Should have read up more. How can you tell when it has peaked. LS sectors I am in are completely mad at the moment. Can’t get gear in or out

CCP call this Pure O2. This is the first of their planned upgrades. Once they can roll back some of the players ad restrictions, they estimate they can sell up to 80% of an individual’s visual field before inducing seizures.

It makes no actual sense that players entering the angel sites would need to be suspect.

The pirates should have negative sec status.

Cmon CCP!

Edit: this is in regards to todays patch notes