Version 21.06 - Havoc - Known Issues

Known Issues:

Air Career Program

  • Wormhole Scanning Not Being Counted in AIR Career Program

Corporation Project

  • Unable to find Factions in the scroll down menu for Contribution Methods due to Factions not being prioritized over character, player corporation and player alliance names.
  • Defend and Capture FW Complexes should have a drop down for faction selection.
  • Remote Repairing or Boosting a user from a specific militia is not counted by the Corp Project Opportunities.
  • Added Filter for Unclaimed Rewards in Corporation Projects window.
  • Payment in ISK is not copied over when duplicating a Corp Project that contains ISK reward.
  • Clients will be able to pick NPC Factions in the list for Destroy Capsuleer.
  • Player receives an error message when trying to access inaccessible corp projects instead of a “you can not access this Project” message.
  • Projects that finish progression while service side payments are offline will be unable to collect payment when the service is up and running again.
  • Icons are not changing colours to adequate state in the Project Creation window in the Russia, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages.
  • It’s been observed that at least one client was unable to create corporation projects on a test server, could be an issue for TQ as well.
  • Clients do not see their contribution progression updated - Project Notices arrive (works as intended) but it does not update in the UI for clients making them think that their progression is not updating/working.
  • Unable to create Corp Projects with payment option using non ASCII characters.


  • If a FOB and FW battlefield share the same system, their icons are placed on top of eachother on the FW Map.
  • Mordu Battlecruiser NPCs incorrectly state they are based on the Talos in their descriptions, while having Naga hulls.
  • Launching a bomb or a Stasis Webification probe can be done in max corrupted lowsec with a green safety, even though it can get you a suspect or a criminal timer if it hits a player.
  • The Pirate insurgencies guide references that you can track your contribution progress to the current insurgency campaign in the Insurgency Dashboard, but this actually is not possible.
  • The Guristas Insurgency is not properly spawning dungeons, such that the Mining Ambush sites, roaming spawns, et al are not appearing as they should.

Missions & NPCs

  • Amarr faction does not mutually dislike the deathless faction by -2.0 like every other empire faction.
  • Guristas faction does not hate the Caldari State.
  • Some behavioral NPCs can appear as neutral/white instead of red.


  • The entire Info Panel can disappear if the Opportunities info panel section becomes completely empty by traveling out of range of all tracked opportunities.
  • Opportunity tracking stops working correctly if the UI Scaling settings are changed twice while no opportunities are tracked.


  • The Azariel is missing the ‘5x penalty to entosis link duration’ from the traits tab. The bonus is working as intended.
  • The Heavy Missile launcher kinetic damage bonus from the alligator is not applying correctly.
  • The Traits tab on the Aligator is missing

User Interface

  • Opportunities that are currently being tracked in the Info Panel will be reset.
  • Added missing information for AIR Career Program Rewards.
  • Window scrolls up after changing option from the drop-down menu in the “Display & Graphics” tab in the Settings Window.
  • Opening inventory windows can take a long time, if they contain many assembled ships.
  • Font size change requires relaunch of client in order to update
  • Missing tooltip for hyperlinks


  • Players warping to the shipcaster in Zarzakh land inside the visual effect in the center instead of the edge of the shipcaster.
  • Launching a bomb or a Stasis Webification probe can be done in Zarzakh with a green safety, even though it can get you a deathless retribution timer.

Update on 2023-12-12 - AIR Daily Goals Not Registering Completion (RESOLVED)

  • Between 11:00UTC and 12:00UTC players progress towards completing AIR Daily Goals may not have registered. Players who completed goals during this time and did not see their efforts being rewards should contact