Version 22.01 - Equinox - Known Issues

The mining escalations currently do spawn, they just have a very low chance set.

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@CCP_Kestrel Can someone please come out and confirm whether the new mining anoms are intended to be a nerf to null mining or whether you will be iterating on them? Came back after a 3 year break due to Scarcity having read the “reinvigoration” narrative and would like some clarity whether this is the best we can hope for please before committing to the game again longer term.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask. The radio silence this week is a bit disconcerting given the expansion has flopped on all fronts.

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Other opportunities in game, and mining is all you wanna do?

It’s not the only thing I do, but it gets me to where I want to be quickest. I run a 5 account setup for mining (rorq and hulks) and ratting (ishtars) for income which I then use for alliance fleets… However what I really want to get back to is cap building.

Ultimately if you want to fly supercaps, you need significant income streams to either build them or buy them. This is why Scarcity and the indy nerfs in particular were so painful, they effectively removed my playstyle from the game and I’m keen to understand if it is returning before I commit to another multi year grind. Fixing mining would be a good step towards that, however if continued Scarcity is the plan then I want out now before I waste my time and money.

You may play for different reasons and my playstyle may be niche. That’s cool, I left for a reason and the pop hasn’t dropped all that much, so I’m sure I’m a minority of players that play for aspirational reasons to fly the biggest stuff into battle. However it’s not unreasonable to try to understand if my motivations to play are something CCP wish to bring back to the sandpit or not. It’s just a question and one CCP has avoided providing a direct answer to for several years now.

There is no scarcity. of anything, and there never has been.

The nerf was when they buffed the supply of every ore and killed the value of everything. The less ore available, the better mining as a profession will be, which currently is almost obsolete with poor prices on everything from r64 to veldspar

Nonsense, r64 is 1b/hour with a 4 account setup.

The supply of ore and pre indy change BPOs meant cheaper ships and significantly more pvp content as a result. Null wars have literally stopped since the nerfs 3 years back, back in the rorq meta you could login and ride the response fleet pings all evening defending your space. Nowadays you can go days without any decent pvp. Also the wars dried up because alliances cannot fund them anymore.

Is lower ship/fit prices really a bad thing? Yes it hurt miners in high/low sec, but the trade off was significant in terms of lower prices and way more content for all IMO.

They don’t even need to return to pre Scarcity balance, stick with exhumers over rorqs, no problem. Just eliminate the PI, gas and low sec (Isogen) bottlenecks. Appears they tried to tackle Isogen, but the new null anom is awful for minerals even after the volume buffs last week.

considering that mining subcaps are at the low end 30% more efficient at mining and at the high end 100% or more, that is abysmal income when it was as much as double that before with more hours of r64 available to mine. but good luck ever accomplishing that on carnotite and probably anything other than xenotime after taxes are factored in.

This has been debunked over and over again. Cheap ships do not drive content and never have. Cheap ships are not a reason to go to war.

Null wars have stopped, because largely in null, there is no one left to fight. Pandafam and the imperium are all that are left. Both of them are manically risk averse and are never going to go to war against each other. At most there may be occaisional “content deployments,” or “its just a sig.”

You have not had a single zkill entry in 4 years. you are not qualified to comment on PvP availability.

There was never a PI bottleneck. There has not been a gas, nocx or iso bottleneck in at least 2 years. Gas is as much a complete non-issue as tritanium since compression was introduced.

No that’s not true, alliance leaders are pretty well aligned on this, pvp and wars are not happening because they can no longer be funded. SRP cannot be sustained and I suspect that’s part of the reason for a small return of passive income.

Not my experience, the big alliances want to wage war, particularly supercap escalations. They just cannot afford them. Look at the 2015-2019 era, you had Goons suiciding 50 supers as tackle knowing they’ll die, including a Vendetta.

Null is not risk averse, it’s still where most destruction happens in every MER. However players are not stupid, 8 years ago, you could reasonably replace a super/titan within 6 months, nowdays, you’re looking at years.

Yes because that’s when I last played, I resubbed 1 week ago.

Depends what lens you’re viewing it from. In terms of super and titan prices, there is a bottleneck, if we want to bring back the massive supercap battles, we need cap construction to spring back to life. Also, battleship prices are still almost twice what they were in the past which is specifically an Isogen problem.

What’s your perspective here? Are you perfectly happy with the direction of the game? Intrigued.

What null leaders? Test? sorry, but that is an invalid opinion these days.

Then you are imagining your experience. During that period there was legacy, winterco, deadco, the imperium, Hero, Fire, provid bloc, pure blind, etc. There are fragments of some of these groups left, but nothing large enough to go to war with anyone ohter that groups that small. “suiciding 50 supers” wasn’t content or war.

Suggesting that pandafam and the imperium is not risk averse, is completely and utterly ridiculous.

Exactly, you have zero authority to comment on the availability of PvP. But if you want it, you wont find it in the imperium or pandafam.

There are still some surplus supers from wwb2 and there were surplus titans from the same until probably a year ago. Availability or price of the hulls were irrelevant every single day since wwb2 ended. Neither group are going to deploy hard, ever.

The only hope for null to be revitalized are for both groups to be totally broken.

The stupid burns.

You have it exactly backwards - as long as those groups have the surplus supers from the pre-WWB2 era, they are unchallengable, except by each other.

Therefore, scarcity entrenches them.

If you want to argue otherwise, I invite you to think about how and why Brave is now living in Querious, as opposed to Pure Blind clue supercap dominance by PH. NCPL and Frat, using pre-WWB2 supercap stocks. endclue


Here’s another issue for your thread… Character Portrait Not Updating…

I usually update my character portrait every month or two with new apparel and about a week or two ago I noticed an issue with portraits not updating.

Character info box, ‘View’ character portrait, chat portrait, Launcher portrait and character selection screen portrait do not update to show new portrait.

However the in-game ‘View full body’ character portrait option and the character info page full body animation does show the updated character and apparel.

Out of game:
Forum portrait does not update to show new portrait after relogging…

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Hah yeah, don’t disagree there. What TEST had in Eso was great whilst it lasted though.

It was part of the second largest supercap battle in Eve’s history.

I joined INIT last week on returning, which is neither Pandafam nor Imerium.

From everything I’ve seen and heard, INIT very much does want pvp and we’ve been skirmishing with Horde and Frat recently. However Shines and co have made it clear, the coffers are running dry, as things stand, a massive war cannot be funded.

They will deploy hard again if players feel they can reasonably replace those toys. First rule of Eve; don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. That’s why there are no supercap escalations now, nothing more.

Don’t really disagree, but if null was awash with small alliances, you’re going to get small BRs / wars. Personally it’s the massive fights that keep me hooked. Who wants to pvp in subcaps in small sub 50b BRs? I’m fairly space poor, down to 100b liquid and about the same in assets. Even with low space wealth, whelping subcaps is never going to feel risky or fun, subcaps are just ammo at this point, bland.

That’s why people long for the big BRs/wars. Nothing beats that feeling of cyno’ing with friends in caps, that sense of being in the trenches together putting something of genuine value at risk that could essentially lead to you spending 6 months+ grinding back up. Subcaps will never provide that.

Not to mention, we need a reason to sub dedicated super, titan/dread and fax accounts. All 3 must be on a different account to your subcap main. One of the problems Eve has is, right now, there is no value for money in subbing cap accounts. That’s lost revenue to CCP.

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No one else will ever be able to challenge either group. Period. Both groups control too much space and have too many resources so that even if someone does manage to amass hundreds of supers and titans and take a region or two, or inflict massive losses, pandafam and the imperium can just build more and take it back. The sovereignty changes posed a threat to sprawl, but then they backed the limits off caving to the whining. It will remain to be seen if that actually harms a bloc’s ability to hold so much space and provide content denial over it.

and have you ever even flown with brave? There is no number of supers they could build that would have saved them against pandafam. They would have lost half the fleet jumping to bait cynos and lemming through gates they weren’t supposed to take.

init as much “not a member of the imperium” as FRT is not a member of the same bloc as horde. The narrative is pure init copium.

No. For one, the imperium has never deployed hard against anyone without a blue highway all the way there. Second, neither of them are going to enter a war that if its actually completed, will most likely be mutually assured destruction. with what they have, both sides can also replace those ships easily, they just choose not to. crab beacons, asbolute turbo mode powered miners and the final changes to brm were a huge buff to income. Ok, supers are around 40b now, but that 40b is worth not even remotely close to what it was worth 4 years ago

You don’t need blocs to be the two largest that have ever existed to have big fights. The groups associated with ualx, b-r or the real x47 were all tiny in comparison what we have now

What on earth, I was at UALX, that was PL and friends vs TEST and friends, our moment of glory finally squaring up to PL after being hounded by them for over a year including being chased out of Vale down to Eso, it included Goons (who rushed their supercap fleet halfway across the map), Horde, Frat and NC. The hell camp that followed was glorious. B-R was CFC led by Goons as the largest entity vs PL/NC and friends over moon mining rent / tech mining superiority. X47 also involved all the big players, Goons as the aggressor.

We could go round in circles here so I won’t pick holes further.

What is it you are actually advocating? I’ve offered up my view which, in short, is reintroduce resources to ease ship prices and bring back cap escalations to stimulate war. What is it you are actually wanting to change?

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@CCP_Bee Please add “Portrait not showing on new characters, and updates to portrait not persisting on existing characters” to the list.

Seems to have been fixed now.

Cool. I just saw the first Skyhook theft nearby notification. Clicking on it opens the Communications tab in the Notifications window … where I don’t see an unread notification about this theft. What’s the point then? Moreover, I cannot click on the highlighted parts of the notification (System, Character) to see where who does what. What’s the point then?

Not to mention: Only bolding these important bits instead of color-coding them to make them really stand out at a glance is not helpful.


Upgrade to a Ritter as your express ship, they can cut down the travel time between your current location and the location of the mission agents you park your ships at without wasting a jump cooldown or being stuck at the slower warp speed.

/known issue;

SiSi seems to be not letting me log in to enjoy peaceful mining.

Because you cant log in except during mass tests

The updated “Entropic Disintegrator Werpost” does not allow TrigFleet to launch properly. The fleet appears momentarily on the grid and then immediately warps out.

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Have you tried killing this sentry gun? How much trig standing do you lose in this case?