Version 22.01 - Equinox - Known Issues

I tested it, and no, this starts the site and fails the site upon leaving. The site had not been started yet when I arrived.

I am hearing that the new carrier conduit can eat the entire fuel bay of a carrier and only go 4.3 lys, was this intended?

It’s a bug. Due to be changed in the next couple of days.

I am also hearing that the Super Carriers can not conduit, is this an oversight or intended?



Was never even mentioned as even a possibility friend

spotted on Hoboleaks, not ingame, but seems like a Typo here:

Ture Citizens should be “True” Citizens I think

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It is working as intended.

The intention here is for the corporation project to be paired with Loyalty Point taxation. So if you want to buy 25% of your members’ LP and let them keep the other 75%, you reward them at 25% of the LP value and then set LP tax to 25%. If you want to buy all the LP, then you set the corp reward at 100% of LP value and your taxes to 100%.

It’s a convoluted way of doing things, but it does work. I’m guessing the incentives to building it this way were 1) avoiding coding complications, since LP tax came first, and removing it might cause some player complaints; 2) making it easier to create slave farms of new players grinding LP for a fraction of the worth.

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We also just needed a total of 4 Supers to kill the Forcefield in the Capital Escalation in drones.
now just have to split the 134mil for the 23rd overseers effects four ways.


I don’t know what’s triggering it exactly but something about skinr is opening multiple blank windows in the background that I can’t close and only sometimes can minimize. They persist on undock.

How many fighters did you go through?

It’s a good way to make your corp members quit but not to incentivise them being more active.

This system takes away the freedom for a corp member to decide for himself if he want’s to trade in his LPs for ISKs, a real LP buyback, or spending those LPs by himself.

It should be, get/deliver x amount of specific LPs and get in exchange this amount of ISK. And the player has to decide by himself, how much of his LPs he want to exchange.

The current way how this works is not well thought through.

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It appears those with director level access can still see bulletins but others cannot…so the bulletins are still there, just not visible to the rest of the corp for some reason.

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+1 here as well, game ran as smooth as butter before this update.


When “Depth of field” is disabled and you enter and exit SKINR, it will be active even though it will still show as inactive in the settings. The solution is to enable “Depth of field”, close the settings, then disable it again.


Welcome to every almost every software project on the planet, but especially so in games


What I put in the cooker

What I got out of the cooker

broke it already. big sads.


Check your discord messages :smiley:

After travelling a number of systems and docking, over the course of hours, I found this bug in the 4th station I visited. The prior stations were a mix of Upwell and NPC, inventory displayed contents immediately.

I was able to switch ships without inventory access, by finding ship in Assets UI, and boarding it from there.

The cooldown animation on the Interdiction nullifier has never showed automaticlly after a jump, but if you clicked on the icon, it then showed. It doesn’t do that after the expansion.