Very Small Rig Bonuses - 1% - Can that be buffed?

Hello: I have noticed that many rigs say that they have very small bonuses such as “1% bonus to ________”. The price for these rigs is not trivial … around Hek those go for millions of ISK. I don’t understand why someone would pay that for a 1% bonus. Is there something I am missing? Is there a way to multiply the effect of rigs so the bonus is meaningful? Are these just lame and overpriced rigs? Or something else? Thanks for any help. - M.H.

Quite often I’d be happy to have 1% more CPU or Power, and sometimes 1% more EHP is the difference between repairable and boom.
Don’t underestimate small numbers.
But normally it’s far more than 1%. Some popular rigs for examples:
Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I - 11,7%
Small Trimark Armor Pump I - 15%
Small Ancillary Current Router I - 10%

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I’m having a difficult time thinking of useful rigs that only give 1% bonuses. That being said, I wouldn’t worry about their prices if you’re not at a place in the game where the bonuses are appreciable.

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It’s up to you but I wouldn’t pay millions for a 1% bonus on anything, much less with rigs. To me, rigs have to make a big difference ( 5 to 10% ) or I don’t waste my time.
Lots of passive modules barely register and many of them not at all while their price is in the millions. Several times I compare or fit while simulated and find better for less.

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