Very unlucky me

Hello, a very unpleasant situation has happened for me right now. Of course, I am to blame for my stupidity. In general, I agreed to a courier contract, since this is my type of activity of the game, I took the cargo from the station, I fly calmly, I carry it here… I flew to Hek, where I was met by three pirates who disabled my warp and I couldn’t fly away. My main mistake was that at the time of the incident when I was already destroyed, I saw on the map that 74 capsuleers were destroyed in 24 hours. I’m freaking out. I’m freaking out with myself, with my stupidity. I let a person down, and I was disappointed in myself again. I wrote in private messages to the person with whom I had a contract, but unfortunately it didn’t work out, because I didn’t understand him, and he didn’t understand me. I wanted to ask for ISKs back, because they are very important to me and I worked hard to get them, but I didn’t, because I deserved it, it’s solely my fault. In general, my dream of becoming a small delivery ship roleplayer has failed. Minus 22 million claims. Plus the realization that I’m a loser. My honor and duty have been violated. I feel dead inside. Of course, I would ask about the existence of damage compensation corporations, but I think it doesn’t make any sense anymore. The record number of my deliveries is only 37, and I thought to reach 50 and more. Goodbye. I just decided to share a story with you.


All that from playing a video game?



I just wanted to find the thing were I can introduce myself.

Did you learn from the experience? If so… pick up, rebuild, and carry on.


Might be a good idea to contact Red Frog Freight (I think they’re still active) and see if you can join their Corp if you want a career in Hauling…


goodness don’t beat yourself over a game. It’s just space pixels.


It seems like you’re taking this very personally. (Or maybe it’s just RP?) Just keep in mind that EVE is a complex game with a ton of little dodges and pitfalls and traps. There’s a comedy movie called “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and EVE is pretty much like that.

If you’re going to do anything interesting in the game, you’re going to die literally dozens of times while trying to get it done. That’s the whole reason space is ruled by immortal pod-pilots… because nobody else lives long enough to learn all the lessons needed.

Every time you die, just mark down “what I will do better next time now I know about that risk”. You’ll get your 50 runs and many more.


This definitely sounds like RP which has its own sub-forums. Not saying it is in a wrong place here just if RP was your intention, to avoid confusion it is recommended to post in the related section.

Though it can also be that it is somewhat RP but you don’t want an in-character discussion so in that case at least mention this is meant to be RP but non-RP discussion is preferred to clear up the confusion.

If it was meant to be taken literally then as others wrote don’t get upset just learn from your mistake and carry on.

And if this is a disguised begging thread then tough luck try that in Jita local :stuck_out_tongue:


No that’s not RP really, this is so personality and wrote on the feelings. I don’t know why I’m reacted like this while I’m already knew what EVE is very… Interesting thing. Lol. Thank you so much for support.

Yup, you are right.

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Died in Microsoft Excel bruh…

No this is not RP, I just wrote on my own feelings and after this this post sound like this. Yup, pretty upset, but this situation makes me stop play EVE for a bit to rest, because EVE is really interesting, like this game. It’s really like a “drug” with interesting “trips”. Thank you too for your support)
The way of my style make my gameplay like challenge - no weapons, no implants(I had one for +13% warp at the beggin then died, because I tryed to delvery from first nullsec(sploiler, it complete)), on minmatar frigate, let’s be nucked lol.
But fortunally it really works, because I have 37 delivery(Even Null), but this is my first failed. Heh.

Game Over.


Good game.




This feels to me like a good roleplay actually … They can not help him to moove post under fiction ?

GG and GF.

All the best.

Please read my answers, I’m not roleplaying in the post. I can proof.


Your adventure has ended.

Time to leave the forums.


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