Veterans Who Come Back After Awhile

I’ve heard of stories of veterans who came back for a while and find things like their corporation is gone or whatever. And this one guy who was kind of surprised to see his corp was still active, but packed up their bags and left the Vale of the Silent. Or some who came back from pre-athanor days. Or a ship module increasing in price due to the components being used by lots of players/ Changes like to their corp are things that happen due to player dynamics while changes like a ship nerf, the moon mining changes, and a module becoming expnesive due to a drop in spawn rates are dev related changes.

Are there any stories of players who came back after 3 or more years to find the following:
Their corp is still there and active.
The 7 people they interact with most within the corp are still there and every 3 weeks or more are online at the same time as each other and the returning veteran.
The CEO is still the same.
The place where most of their stuff is still there (so if you stashed stuff all over corp structures but most of it is in a fortizar, the fortizar is still there even if a few ships from defunct structures are in asset safety)
But despite all this… the returning player is still surprised by something that changed due to player dynamics. Maybe a new set of blues or whatever.

I usually stay gone on breaks anywhere from a year to longer. Every time i return, everything looks the same. Besides the few new added features sprinkled about here and there…its all the same.

I belong to a multi game guild community. The people there that were once EVE players no longer play and havent for many years. The CEO gave me a handful of corp permissions to keep things tidy and such. The only thing he may do is log on once in a blue moon and change the tax back to 0% to which i will change back to 5%. I ended up having to evemail him to stop. Thats the only income this dead corp is making. :slight_smile:

Discussion in one of the systems chat last night brought up this very subject. We had fun telling all our own little stories of assets we lost just because we had left the game only to return and see those assets gone.

…life finds a way…

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How many years would a Capsuleer’s pilot be required to had been created to then be labeled as a Veteran?
6 years?

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Maybe it should also depend on activity as well. Someone who spent like a couple months on the game then left for whatever reason and returning six years later is definitely not a veteran even if we ignore the game changed since they last played.


I wish for a Vanilla New Eden Server so many may experience what it was like how when the true Veteran had first started Eve Online.

People who want that can just constantly go suspect to have the “no COCNORD protecting them” experience in hisec or skip all that and outright go to lowsec. :wink:


OK… maybe my title was wrong?

But again let’s just go with the question. Has there been any stories of a player who was active for several years and then took a 3 year or longer break, came back to find his corp still there, a decent number of people he knows still there, his CEO still there, the structure where most of his assets still there (or POS or NPC station), but still surprised by something due to player dynamics?

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Unfortunately if you reply to someone that was the previous poster (without any other post in between) then there is no indication that your reply is to that post and not the thread itself.

Only the person you reply to receives a notification that there was a reply to one of their posts but anyone else will not be able to tell the difference.

My above reply was to @Iceacid_Frostpacker though as we were exchanging posts it should be easy to recognize still. Anyway what I wrote was in response to him not your thread in general nor its title. Personally I think it is clear in the title what you refer to. So no the title, as far as I can tell was not wrong.

As for the question I don’t recall any such story personally but as EVE has a lot of players (though there is debate over the notion that the numbers are declining) it is safe to assume there are plenty of examples for such. Do such people share their experience on the forums or other public place is another question.

But hopefully at least a couple of them might find this thread, though as I assume their numbers are not that numerous don’t be let down if nobody provides any such post as probably not many visit the forums to begin with.

I know that, but for some reason i still thought you were responding to the original post.


Yeah I know, but it’s worth a try. Like my corpmate who had a good story (and some funny looking killmails) from his old corp when they saw blues under attack in local and his old corp and 6 other corps cobbled together a kitchen sink fleet to try to help. The defenders won because they had an organized fleet and were ready, not because of the haphazard response from their allies who didn’t even know a fight was going to happen. But he doesn’t come to the forums so if he didn’t join my corp last year, I’d never know about it. But hopefully some people who came back to find their corp, CEO, regulars, and main base still there but still ended up being surprised anyways do come to the forums.

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