Vicious electric sites can only be completed with ease in a passive shield tank and drones/missiles?

Both affected by a tracking disruptor. Red is EMP, green Proton while shooting a base Atron at max orbit speed. Even for artillery Proton is extremely niche and almost never useful, for AC it’s useless.


That’s nuts mate, I hope CCP fix this, proton should have better optimal than normal then, just so it full-fills its roll as better tracking.

How do you exactly deal with the war-towers? Burning to them gets me too damaged and long range weaps or drones take too much or complicate the rest of the enemies’ clearage.

not allowing ewar cruisers was a horrible mistep by ccp since they could have simply made the rats in the abyssals immune to ewar. has anyone bothered trying to jam them with ecm drones in a vexor? will it even allow you in with the vexor if you’re carrying ecm drones?

active shield caracal with hml and passive shield vexor. vexor uses medium cn vespas to keep drones off the field, caracal bombs the towers from range and then keeps away from the bs.

unfortunately i have max skills, so i don’t know how difficult this setup will work with alphas.

Ok, apparently you cannot exit event abyssal sites once you get in unless you kill the boss…

Thanks for the missing warning CCP.

Skill issue trying to enjoy and complete this event.

If you fly all the way out to one tower, kill it, then cross the boundary you will end up right next to the second tower - so killing both only really involves crossing the room once (out to tower #1 then back in from tower#2)

I ran this (Vicious electrical) solo in a Vexor with dual armor reps, cap battery, lots of cap rechargers and a couple of 150mm railgun IIs, with MWD as prop mod. Flew out to first tower, killed with drones on the way in, crossed boundary, killed second tower, flew back in to orbit BS. Use the 150mm rails to pop frigates and had an Ancillary remote shield booster in my final high slot to rep drones that came under fire.

Hairy mainly cos of the frigates chasing drones and killing the BS takes a while, but doable.

Suspect the T3 filament would be really tough solo - think I saw someone do it in a caracal (!) just …

The T4 filament (calamitous firestorm) requires a closely coordinated team, is impossible if you get the Leshak (you both just die) and very hard if you get the Drifter … at least from what I’ve seen watching YT. Really should allow T2 cruisers for the T4 filament.

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Caracal is not hard to make. If you feel the prices are inflated try making a few for yourself from BPC.

t3 is brain dead easy in a 50 mill stabber

Just want to add that a great player resource for fitting is EVE Workbench. They’ve got a section devoted to Capsuleer Day event sites for all skill and price points. Many of the promoted fits even include text and video guides.

I’m personally using an XL ASB Stabber and focusing mostly on the T3 sites. The tactic for killing sentry turrets that @Charles_Dalbert mentioned pays dividends!