Vicious electric sites can only be completed with ease in a passive shield tank and drones/missiles?

I’ve watched several streamers that run the site (vicious electric filament), after a couple tries, they all end up in either a caracal with passive shield tank or a vexor with similar setup and drones.

Nothing else? I mean, no one tries to run those sites with turrets because they don’t have range enough and capacitor can be tricky to maintain while tanking the battleship while killing the neuters. I tested myself and in the case of the drifter BS it is next to impossible to tank it in any other way if the extra ships have you painted.

So what are u supposed to do in these sites? Caracals are over 100m isk in jita due to this issue; you are advised not to try anything else. Am I the only one seeing a problem here?

What a bs, cheapest Caracal in Jita is 20 mISK.

My bad. To clarify: didn’t mean literally 100m but greatly inflated price*.

If you choose to be overly dramatic, and lying, why would you expect others to take you seriously? Either way, you can use similar ships: arbritrator is a perfect replacement for a Vexor, the Bellicose is a decent replacement for a Caracal. Perhaps a stabber or Rupture will work due to their weapons no using cap.

Besides that, it’s not like the Caracal is super expensive, if you can’t pay for that as a 10 year old character then perhaps you should reconsider your income strategies. I suggest selling Caracals.


That’s my whole point: anything that’s not the caracal is almost impossible to complete the site. Hence the caracal is getting inflated. Said sites cannot be run in any of those ships, in fact not even in a non-passive shield tank fit.

Arbi and Bellicose are not allowed. Only two (none-ewar) cruisers per race.

T1 cruiser prices can’t become too inflated, because everybody can just build one from minerals.


Did not know that, good point.

I’ve been doing the sites in an Omen with my buddy in a Maller. Haven’t had any issues.

It is a site that decreases your EM resistance (which starts at 0 for T1 Shields so it will wipe out any resistances you do stack, also the Sleeper missiles are EM damage) and doubles your capacitor recharge rate. This in theory means ships that rely heavily on capacitor should have an advantage in T2.

I could see this becoming more true in the T3 however the problems return in the T4 Firestorms.
Is there something I missed?

Also Janus reports Caracals at 16m? I assume you mean the entire fit, well most of the fits I see kicking around are about there.

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What would be a good fit for an armor tank then? I’m thinking a maller or an omen fit, for T2 and up.

The event challenge to kill a war-tower (or whatever its called) is such a pain, knowing it’s really risky.

Pulses, 2 reppers, AB for the BS killer, MWD for the tower killer. Cap, resist, and damage mods. Navy Caldari drones. Don’t worry about being completely cap stable, just need to be able to run everything long enough to kill the towers.

I run them with this:

[Rupture, *Pew]
Medium Armor Repairer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Gyrostabilizer II
Medium Armor Repairer II

10MN Afterburner II
Republic Fleet Medium Cap Battery
Stasis Webifier II
Republic Fleet Medium Cap Battery

425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
Small Knave Scoped Energy Nosferatu
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II

Medium Projectile Collision Accelerator I
Medium Projectile Ambit Extension II
Medium Explosive Armor Reinforcer I

Imperial Navy Acolyte x6

Republic Fleet EMP M x6480
Republic Fleet Proton M x1000

It works well

just burn to 50km from tower’s send drones while killing frigs then kill the bs.

Just make sure to keep killing the frigs every time they spawn, as long as they are dead its pretty easy to tank.


Don’t ever use that with auto cannons. It affects optimal while massively lowering base dps.

Sounds like a business opportu… excuse me, gotta run.


Looks like a solid fit, I was doing a site in a passive HAM-Caracal and struggled with passive shield rep, but also from some piloting problems, which partly were my fault, but also due to the crippled spatial awareness in Abyss instances … this is such a crap environment. Having such things is really an insult to EvE.

If the filaments go cheap, maybe I try again. Have in mind a Blaster-Vexor with sentries, to snipe the towers from range.

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Yea I think sentries would work well, I kind of enjoyed those anti-tychon clouds tbh lol made things difficult.

I never needed it tbh, I just kept it with me incase I ever ended up in the situation where im tracking disrupted and cant track a frigate or something but yea never needed it, normal ammo tracked the frigs super easily.

No idea what this is … lol, when cruising around I experienced effects, sometimes I slowed down I think without being webbed, I had no clue about what’s going on. Always tried zooming out (which didn’t work) to get some overview of the pocket. One time I got teleported to the other side, probably because I violated some boundaries.

I won’t work. Your total applied dps is based on quite a few things and while the tracking portion is extremely important your base damage also is obviously. Simply put: you lose more than you gain even vs a full orbiting frigate while being tracking disrupted. It’s never worth it.

Part of the reason I don’t do this stuff, I play EVE for the emergent sandbox that it is, for me personally abyssal instancing is an affront to that. I also won’t do Dev created “jump through these hoops” pve content in general. If others enjoy it that’s great ofc but I stay well clear of it.

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O I see what you mean interesting, ill eft it and check it out. Forgot optimal increases tracking that much compared to deeper falloff.

Damn makes me wonder if an optimal rig is sometimes better than fall off rig just for that extra tracking, ■■■■ I love the complexity of projectile weaponry.