Victims Have Rights To

There are many cases where robbers rob a house and like slip on some water or trip over a wire or get shot in the face and SUE the homeowner for reprecosions.
Many of them win, some homeowners even face Criminal Charges and JAIL time for offended the “robbers”.

This isnt midevil times or the Wild West. You cant go be some unruly vigilanty.

Soooo if an innocent player accidentally loots some of the ore a miner is mining, IT IS A CRIME TO STEAL IT BACK.

If some guy robs your tv, you cant JUST GO STEAL IT BACK, neither you NOR YOUR BUDDY or some random dude can just break into HIS HOUSE AND STEAL THE TV BACk.

The police can ENTER/SEARCH his home and get the tv back. But even then, THE COPS CANT just steal everything you own.

So lets talk about how the CAN-FLIPPING NERF was illegal and needs to be reversed to SAVE eVe

Obvious troll is… well. Obvious.

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Except i have Proof that would hold up in a Court of LAW that eve had more players playing when CAN-FLIPPING wasnt nerfed.

Player count has dropped DRASTICALLY since the canflip nerf, i.e. UNnerfing it will bring back subs and MAKE CCP MORE MONEY.


Is this some high sec stuff?

If yes, it’s another proof that making a game more ee… “casual friendly” doesn’t help it in the long run.


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Cause you know, can flipping alone was the sole reason everyone left. It wasn’t any other change at all…

Also… How exactly was it nerfed and to which nerf are you referring? The suspect timers and such? A person can loot a can, drop the ore in a 2nd can, and hope the bait is taken. Not much changed. Not sure if you can put it back in the original can but you can still flip it and hope.

The one hold and corp hangar hold size changes being less reason to jet can mine? Is that what you want changed?

The safety?

A lot has changed… So what exactly is it that you want rolled back? Or all of it because change is bad?

Increased ore-bays in miners.
But mainly its the fact that aALL YOUR LOOT CANS turn WHITE/BLUE/FREE TO TAKE when you turn suspect/yellow and take it the first time.

So you are wrong or blatantly LYING. You can just take the ore and hope for best.
Cuz anyone in all of eve can just STEAL FROM YOU at that point

Your complaint is one of reasons why the max number of players is less 30k in 24 hrs.
And CCP keeps neglecting

Ah… I found it…


“If I can legally attack the owner of a container, then I can legally take from the container.”

So… Loot their can, stall for 15 minutes, drop new can. Or loot with one toon, trade to another, have the 2nd drop it.

Victims have rights to what?

Victims have the right to remain silent…in the cold harsh depths of the void…forever…(or until they are stored alongside Chloe)…

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I would love to see a return of can-flipping.

All it takes is a nerf to ore-hold sizes. Crimewatch didn’t stop can-flipping. People ceasing to drop cans is what stopped can-flipping.

There’s hardly any cans to flip these days!

Well…canmining is still a thing in nullsec…
Who cares about that in highsec.

Thank God you’re not a real lawyer, cuz logic and shiz


Why would I can-flip in nullsec?

I’ll just blow them up.

Side-note: Stealing ore for profit was good fun too. That can’t be done in null as you need somewhere to dock. I miss taking ice from people.