Vily for CSM 14


I am Vily, the longest running Bloc FC in EVE. I have participated in every element of this game at usually the highest level possible.

To give a brief intro to myself. I started the game as with the Coalition of Empires in 2005, moved to KAOS Empire shortly after COE was killed and participated in many of the big battles of FE and the day. Left KAOS during the eviction by MC and ended up being a Roleplayer for Khanid long before they got their own bloodline. Joined Beagle corp and harassed the north small gang style, being one of the first gen dictor pilots (and how I got the name Vily vs. my original Robet Katrix) Joined MC after Beagle, became a prominent FC there. Led the corp Eternity for a while and participated in the formation and short end of Project Alice. Alliance. Joined RZR and and participated in all the MAX campaigns both way. Was one of the leaders in Exalted. Alliance which was another small gang/lowsec/nullsec entrance group. Later part of MH and their high command. One of the original bomber FC’s, leading the development of tactics and strategies. Joined GSF after MH where I worked/led/”did stuff” for 5 years. Left GSF after some conflicting personalities, joined TEST. Rebuilt a lot of TEST from ground up. Arguable founder of Legacy. Proponent of shield supers for a long time.

That’s very brief. But I’ve been around for 14 years and done almost everything.

So let’s talk some policy.

I will utilize my experience to push for things that are best for the game. That doesn’t mean they will be the popular opinion or the most common one but the things that I view will be good for the game from my point of view.

Things like conflict are good.

However I also acknowledge after spending the better part of the last 2 years building infrastructure into the regions of space I help control, that there must also be balance between offense and defence.

I am not to break the wheel or reinvent it but to make clear adjustments and improvements that can steer eve’s trajectory into the future.

I have no qualms about calling out stupidity as I see it and I have even less about how others may perceive my actions as long as they are in the best interest of eve.

I have generally avoided the CSM for the last decade or so, but I feel it is now more important than ever to ensure the game has clear direction that is being pushed by players that know it better than even some of the developers themselves.


I think you would be a welcome change of smell to the CSM.

With our powers combined

Flash E Gordon for CSM 14 between the 2 of us, we’ll get things done proper

Let me tell you about myself. I’ve been around since 2005, I’ve literally been about 5 Indy Corps. P A I R A D I C E being my home. as CEO. I’ve been thru the Provi wars, which we lost 1 of. We lost some darn good players, at present were on a re-build. And business is booming. Time for the next generation of CSM. We all know that it’s long over due, And dearly needed.

Sounds good. +1

So why have you spent the last few years hoovering up every alliance you could to create a massive blue blob where the only way your alliance gets conflict is because CCP removed fatigue from jump bridges? What is your priority going to be? Getting CCP to add more shades of blue standings?


Im not sure if bait or hate but here is a quick synopsis.

Legacy has been the primary content driver for the entire ■■■■■■■ game for over two years. we have been at war with the south, with stain, with goons, then with everyone east of us, then north of us, then east of us, then deploying away, then east of us again with stuff in the middle at smaller scales. we have been the primary target for the entire summer war.

Yes we are a large coalition but that is driven by the necessity of holding space. If you think that us taking people under our wing is wrong then nothing can really help you. We are a product of the system.

As a csm cantidate i will advocate for things that drive towards sustainable conflict and content. the things i think are best for the game.

  • thanks for the question

So do you think that being able to move what would be 35 jumps in 8 jumps is a good thing? How about aggression mechanics on jump bridges?

Hey Vily, It’s good to see you running. Best of luck to you friend

no i do not think that level of monility is good.

i Also think jump bridges should work like the old jump bridges. when a bubble prevents jumping


Considering you run a campaign of what is best for the game & wanting a balance between offence and defense, how can we believe you when you clearly are willing to stupe to extreme lowgrounds to ensure that your agenda wins at any cost?

This is refering to the latest reddit post about your alliance harboring the alliance that literally broke Serenity:

Why should we believe you have the games best interest in mind, when your alliance is the one strangling the game with the biggest blue donut there is, and to do ANYTHING to achieve your ingame victory?


The view from bloc level FCs is crucial to the CSM and the development of the game. No matter how you feel about TAPI or Legacy, Vily is a proven commodity in this game and has a strong head on his shoulders.


^^ Wise words, and from an ex-CSM member who knows.

Good luck Vily.


Thank you for agreeing to do an interview with me Vily!

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Wow. From what i have heard in the interview i am totally confessed that giving vily my voice will be the right choice.
Nice Interview Jin_taan. Hope to see you in Berlin this year again.

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

I don’t think I can endorse Vily enough for CSM. He has a great deal in common with me. I hope he is able to win out over all these NPC candidates.

You’ve always come across as a very intelligent and erudite individual so I wanted to know your views on emergent gameplay broadly and high sec ganking specifically. If CCP were to table a motion that made a playstyle completely obsolete, would you challenge that even if you disagree with the playstyle and, if so, how?

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