Viridian in Focus - Updated with Lancer T2 Dreadnought + Structure Customization

Again no feedback topic for the planned stuff. Becomes a real theme. Anyway…

This video about the frigates is weird. The Current Crucifier has inded no lights on its hull. However, the Maulus definitely has lights, especially the head lights and the light in the Y, but they were removed in the video to … showcase that CCP can reintroduce lights on the Maulus?

Same story for the Stiletto. It has head lights but they were removed in the video and then reintroduced in the After shots.
The Impairor also already has bright headlights but they were removed for the video as well and then reintroduced.

The new missile effects also leave lots to desire. Plasma is just a perfect sphere of light and kinetic damage loses the signature effect of expelled kinetic shrapnels. In this video, the EM effect looks more like a kinetic effect due to the shrapnels. Plasma and Explosive missile effects have colors that are way too similar. Plasma needs to be much redder than it is now to set it apart from the orange Explosive missile damage, otherwise it’s easy to mistake them for the other. The claim that you can more easily differentiate the missile effect is not visible in the shown effects. The old effects do a much better job at showcasing what damage you receive because they have extremely distinct effects. EM does not look like Kinetic at all, and Plasma does not look like Explosive at all (although the Plasma effect is indeed a bit pale and hard to see compared to the other effects).

As for the volumetric clouds. They look quite stunning and varied, but what does:

with their look, feel, and performance to be optimized moving forward.

mean? Will they be released as absolute performance killers and only retroactively improved after you fried some GPUs and CPUs? Hopefully this is just really bad wording in the blog.

When it comes to the Bastion effects: Why is the Vargur the only Marauder that has a different light color for bastion? Giving the Paladin a golden light and the Kronos a nice gras green tinge would set these ships apart from each other and create more factional distinction. Also a shame that you did not use the opportunity to change the utterly ugly Bastion effect of the Paladin to something much cooler. Adapting the Kronos’ lifting of armor plates for the Paladin would turn this ridiculously bad store shelf bastion into an effect that’s truely becoming of the ship.

That Lance debuff beam feels kind of underwhelming and CCP’s expectations on how useful these ships will be not based in reality. Since both Lance and Reaper are not utilized at all on the battlefield, comparatively speaking, these beams won’t be as good as CCP thinks they will be either. Especially since placement of caps on grid in CCP’s tidilagfests or rather the lack of proper placement ability makes these self- and friends-neuting/harming beams a liability and not an asset.


As a Cadari main and a person who LOVES missles (especally large ones) I am pleased I can see me nuking my enemies even more now.

The clouds do worry me not sure I am ready to be blinded in some cases.

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I love all of those changes, especially missile explosion effects. Im hoping we will also get new missile trails effects

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Wait until the Photon UI project manager gets to give his input and all colors are switched to shades of gray. :rofl:


If you are playing the game where your ship is zoomed in enough to care about what it looks like, you shouldn’t be playing Eve.

What a waste of development time and effort… again.

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Bah! I love my graphics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If CCP added fire coming out of ships when in severe hull damage I would be a very very happy lad. :sweat_smile:

For real however, CCP thinks they can keep bribing us with even more graphics updates eventually they are going to work on the core of the game I hope… :thinking:

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There used to fire and iirc smoke too, when a ship had taken sufficient hull damage. When I came back recently, I noticed the effects were gone. I don’t know when the fire was removed or why but I agree it would be cool to have back.

It would also be awesome to have all the missile models from Inferno back, they were removed and reduced to 1 global model for all missile because of “performance” reasons. I doubt missiles having unique models will have much of an impact on performance these days.


Maybe they can pay for more developers with that hope you’re sending them. All of the current ones are working on dumb ■■■■ we never asked for.

They don’t care what you have to say about what they’re going to do regardless.

I read and watched this hoping to see something that excited me. I am disappointed.

I am sure that these new visual effects are very nice. But graphics are not why I am playing this game. I am assuming that you have a bunch of changes that actually impact game play, so how about talking about that. As it is this stuff is, at best, underwhelming – bordering on embarrassing.


So you think that this is all they are doing? It was an art show, the meat and potatoes of Viridian are coming out later. We are likely still a full month out from it’s release. They said T2 Dread details are coming out next week. I would guess that all the corporation goals and indy stuff will be revealed the week after.


I have no idea what they are doing. I am still awaiting the “biggest expansion in history” thing they promised before last year’s fan fest. And while I appreciate the faction war update, that was going on seven months ago, and it is still incomplete.

I love the game but it is frustrating watching them piss away opportunity after opportunity. They have the most patient player base on the planet and they really take advantage of it. So yes, the graphics changes MIGHT be nice – have to see how they impact performance to know for sure – but I would like to see more. And soon.

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Did they say that though, “biggest expansion in history”? I remember them saying first expansion in recent history, but not the biggest. Yeah FW is not complete, which is why we are getting more with the next expansion. Heck, the current campaign is still on going and is only half done at this point. Kinda hard to iterate on something that is still in progress.

Yeah, I believe that they did. That was their response as to why they hadn’t actually done anything in years.

And I am aware that the event that started last November is “still in progress.” That’s on CCP as they get to determine what progress consists of, and they have deliberately set it at a glacial pace to slow roll having to produce anything. And now, going on seven months later, here we are – right where we started but with one really important change…

That being: the incredible enthusiasm that greeted the faction war expansion, that huge surge in player numbers and all the rest, has been largely pissed away. What might have been the greatest opportunity in the last decade, squandered.

And now here we are on their twentieth anniversary, wondering if they are even gonna do ANYTHING that players will give a damn about. You are trying to defend them and you can’t point to any definitive improvement that they have announced yet. Lighting packages on Frigates? Clouds? T2 Dreads? I have never heard anyone in game, or seen anyone on these forums, express even the slightest interest in any of that stuff. No one has ever said that the game would be so much better if they just added some smog to it.

I really hope that you are correct. I REALLY do. I want them to announce something exciting, something cool to play with, some new toys. For the sake of the game I want you to be right. But I am skeptical.

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Let us not forget that once again, CCP is trying to use big words in English that they do not understand for the sake of trying to seem “cool” in marketing.

In the past we had the egregious misuse of “quadrant” as a supposed temporal concept.

Now, we proudly have “VISCERAL SUPREMACY!”

Visceral fear, yes, that is a thing. I have experienced it. Where your guts (the visceral bit) spasm or tighten because of a perceived threat.

But visceral supremacy? What do they think they are conveying? My guts are superior to your guts? I have complete control over my guts?

Pathetic. I know CCP is an Icelandic company, but they employ a lot of people for whom English is supposedly their native language.

Lets hope the update doesn’t make chat have visceral supremacy over us all for another week.

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Some stuff about managing corporation and just optical stuff for older ships. No changes for missions or exploration in years and then the time of the developer is wasted for such things nobody really ask for. And maybe some unrevealed changes that a little percentile of the playerbase will/can use. Its like the Starmap Ingame. 3D looks cool and so on but the majority uses extern 2D Map because it is just better gameplay wise. So far im not really hyped or excited.

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Specifically, they claimed “largest content update ever”.

As usual, CCP has no problem at all promising what they not only can’t deliver, but don’t even have any intention of delivering.

All they need is to drop some words on the hype-train, and the horde of addicts who can’t scratch their EVE itch anywhere else will sub for another year.

For a review of the hype:

Now, CCP thinks calling 2022 “a huge year for EVE” and promising “a monumental year” for 2023 will rev up the hype train for another year’s worth of subs from the plebs.

Not much buy-in from those who have longer memories about CCP’s promises, though.


I always like visual improvements as long as there remains an option to disable them for older machines. Yes, EVE looks amazing but many many people play EVE for other reasons than the looks. And Mid-Class Machines can even now run pretty fast into their limits when enabling all the blingy effects and high details.

Also I would like it if they add tactical depth to these volumetric clouds, giving them various effects that apply on the ships inside them.

Like -25% Signature Radius but -50% Lock Range in dense nebula clouds.
Constant (low level) damage application based on the cloud type.
Reduced Resistances based on cloud type.
Reduced Shield and/or cap recharge based on cloud type.

so entering them can be a challenge, avoiding them carefully a wise decision.

They also called the “Impairor” a frigate, but it is a corvette, not a frigate.

But what should I except from people not even knowing the ship classes of their own stuff.


Dear CCP, Devs, GM’s and other staff,
hello fellow players

it is only 2 days ago I saw that new vid clip about the Viridian update, with the changes for frigates (more details) and … hell what? … holograms fixed on marauder hulls. I needed to watch that clip twice befor believing it.

Why does it come to this? Alone those clownish multi-colored skins are awful enough, but luckily up to now I could decide for myself either not buying them or trashing the moment they appeared in the redeeming queue.
Same goes for any hologram skins that came up. I even stopped buying skins (for this, buying plex) fearing any weird holographic or effects (like auroras).

To explain: I am almost 50 by now, grew up with Captain Future and Star Trek, build the “Comet” and the “Enterprise” from cardboard more than 40 years back in kindergarten, much to the irritation of the teachers seeing a lone strange kid buildiling spacecraft instead playing with cars and such.

The new Enterprise, ships like those from Romulans, Klingons, the EAS ships from Babylon 5, Battlestars or Basestars, best of all: Imperial Star Destroyers, they have all one thing in common: a clean single painted hull (grey, white, black, whatever) with more or less ligthings and maybe markings but thats it. Even MonCal-Cruiser or those from the Vorlons have a unique but clear pattern (but no holograms or clowish colors) - because these are serious TV series.

Lads, come on, envision following: heavy battleship under fire, shields falling, armor breaking, internal hull damages coming up, and what does the captain say? All energy on shields, cut the life support? Or all energy on repair systems? Or all energy on FTL to escape? No … the captain say “KEEP THE HOLOGRAMS RUNNING”. What a ■■■■■■■■.

Before I entered the EVEverse I played Star Wars Old Republic since it’s launch. The first two years were great, even when after 2 years with twindling player numbers it went F2P. But then more and more patches came in, after 2.0 followed 3.0, then the patch catastroph 4.0. More and more the classes were harmonized (Trooper-Tank can only shot 10 m because Jedi-Tank also has its general attacks up ot 10m) which led to a massive loss of immersion. A scoundrel can shot with a pistol 30 m but a trooper with a rifle only 10m ? WTF … thats when I left that came (and also the ridiculous clownish uniforms, seeing female player chars on ice world hoth wearing bikini outfits, come on I have no nerves for such a kindergarden or young guys with to much testosteron between their legs but playing a girl in a game instead of trying to pick-up a real girl).

Since more than a year I see the same happening in EVE. To please new players, younger gamers, the game is more and more simplified (which is not that bad, actually, especially with the new tutorial and the AIR programm). Hopefully it gives the game a better player retention.

But on the other side YOU CCP are alienating people like me more and more from this game. And we, the old people, busy with our jobs, families, health, have not the time to PLEX the game, no, we buy the sub with hard cash.
Since 2017 I am an active subscriber of several accounts, paying several hundreds of Euro every year, for accounts and stuff. Do you really want me to go, to leave the game?

I love flying my Marauder, mostly fighting Trigs with it. But the simple thought of shitty lights appearing everywhere on the ships when in Bastion mode, even worse having holograms being displayed when in heavy combat mode, were all energy should be put into the ships battlebility and NOT into holograms, I am almost in tears.

STOP this. Or give me a checkbox to deactive this in the settings. Or keep holograms on certain skins or skin lines and let player decide if they want this on their ships being displayed. But do not force anyone (me included) into this.

I am already pissed of since months about the game and I invite you to check my player logs.
Check my char, my email, the accounts bount to it, and the time I played the last months in comparison to the months last year or the year before. You will see a drop of 80% of game time.
I was so pissed of during eastern weekend of the missing Gurista Egg Hunt (which I loved to do) that I created a steam account, put 100 € into it, and bought/downloaded the complete X4 Foundation series.
I have not yet started it because I do not like the lego-like ships of several factions there (especially from Argons and Split), but better fly a LEGO-like ship than a hologram ship … because on a LEGO-like ship at least know that the immersion is lost (and they have walking in stations, sort of).

So I ask you to consider this. Give me a checkbox to deactivate this holographic nonsense on the marauder, or for deactivating it at least for my clients (I just do not want to see such immersion-breaker), or do not make such change it in the first place. Leave Holograms on skins for those players who like that childish approach to a game that that has become legend for “spaceships are serious business”.

Best regards and thanks for reading