Viridian in Focus - Updated with Lancer T2 Dreadnought + Structure Customization

Wasn’t supposed to be a blog post per week, appearing today, with T2 caps info?

Some seriously boring moany old gits in here.

And flagging, eh. How gauche.

Yah… there is sadly only 1 Star Trek MMO and that engine runs on something from 2010 lol.

This doesn’t generate good income for CCP.

I can really relate to your RP pov. We don’t have a game like that is in the modern era and it really makes me sad :cry:

I love the graphics of EVE but love the story of Star Trek more. I am here because this is probably the best game graphics wise on the market that is an MMO.

The are military ships. My haulers are not. Thing about civilian industrial ships is, they carry a distinctive livery.

You can turn SKINs off whenever you want if you want to be the space navy. Some of us actually like SKINs, so thnkdfully they are staying above your objections.

That Lance debuff beam feels kind of underwhelming and CCP’s expectations on how useful these ships will be not based in reality. Since both Lance and Reaper are not utilized at all on the battlefield, comparatively speaking, these beams won’t be as good as CCP thinks they will be either. Especially since placement of caps on grid in CCP’s tidilagfests is nigh impossible to pull off – so it’s rather the lack of proper placement ability – makes these self- and friends-neuting/harming beams a liability and not an asset.

Also, it’s rather lazy that only the Amarr and Caldari version got their alternative weapon system (and the Revelation has not even gotten a redesign of the siege laser mounts), while both the Naglfar and Moros T2 versions use the same old. The T2 Nagl could have become a missile boat again, like it used to be in the past (50% of it at least).

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One thing is very nice: Since the Lancers seem to energy-neutralize an AoE around them when they fire, they will not be usable after hotdropping/briding an entire fleet, because you would capdrain your own fleet when firing as they are all close by (well, I hope they make the drain-effect high enough to be hurtful at least…). When warped in at a distance, they may have their use as tactical key ships for debuffing, which is quite okay. Simply “more dps, more hp” would suck, since it only would spin the power spiral faster.

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I highly doubt that this beam has a big enough effect range to be useful at all. It can’t be as big as the Boson effect cylinder, because that would make it too easy and overpowered, but if it’s as small as that of the Lance or Reaper, it’s pointless. Begs the question if CCP will get the balance right of if they use their usual MO for new stuff (ie. broken, op at first and nerfed into uselessness later on, instead of the exact right amount of goodness from the start).

ahh what a load of ■■■■■■■■ wall of text no stats nothing … so we still know literary nothing… as allways CCP is so great of making walls of garbage texts…

Hype not loud enough?

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RE: lack of details - they may have rushed this announcement a bit to squeak in a few more subs before the end of May. Pretty sure CCP doesn’t want to announce low sub numbers for their ‘monumental’ anniversary.

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uhm…have you read the part about disabling dock/tether? The way I understood it is it can break existing tethers. If I’m correct I can see it having some interesting strategic uses

Unfortunately, the way it is phrased makes it seem highly unlikely, as a ship that is tethered cannot be struck even by AoE, thus nothing will be disabled.

I don’t think these lancer dreads were something that the game needed urgently , but we’ll take them…
Haven’t got to check, are they live on sisi yet ? Curious about the manufacturing bill on them.
Would have been more exited to see something like Edencom t2 ships , even an adjusted material cost for the already t1 ones to get them in line with the t1 trig ships as cost. Also the long awaited angel capitals…

Alot of ISK. :moneybag:

My main concern is that we are just seeing a repainted ship hull with extra fins/armor plates etc. Strong feeling after this we might start getting brand new hulls. But that’s just me.

“Brand New Hulls” = nothing that is a t1 hull that is reskinned :laughing: Like trig/edencom stuff.

This includes temporarily preventing a target from warping, tethering, using their jump drive, while also causing a 50% reduction in remote repair.

Preventing tether is not the same as forcefully detethering ships. Besides, Siege/Triage/Doomsday prevent tethering, docking, jumping, warping as well, for several minutes. This Lance only limits all of these for 60 seconds. Plus, aiming a Lance doomsday is already really difficult and its effect area is very narrow, which makes this dread Lance already rather difficult to use for the price of the ship and the usefulness of the weapon.

This info comes from CCP’s Lancer video:

I love how we have no info other than their existence and so many people have concluded they are useless. You guys are silly.


we work from what we have literary all the mechanic are already in game.

Even titan lance exist. so its wery easi to imagine.

If they show us something else well then maybe it will be amazing but right now it look like MEH…

CCP just said on their stream that they think people will use that against sub caps because of the remote rep debuff. :joy:

My XLSB on my marauder will beg to differ CCP

Yes, and CCP thinks that fleets will stay inside the narrow Lance beam area until it charged and fires. :joy:

Forget about the lance. I can hardly wait until I get one, fit it with Miner II s and mine some Kernite in lowsec.

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