Visual content suggestion for Team TriLambda

In conversations with fellow players (from many other corps), I’ve found near-universal enthusiasm for adding a little more real-world astrophysics to our Eve-verse.

Perhaps Team TriLambda could think about adding a couple true red-supergiant stars like VY Canis Majoris, a couple red dwarfs, perhaps a couple neutron pulsars or quark stars. Choosing systems to host these could be a small challenge. Maybe even only newly-added systems would be able to host some of these things.

Why not place (and allow navigation through) one or two proto-stellar systems? Perhaps introduce pilots to the risk of approaching a black hole too closely?

Team TriLambda’s nebulae have been mostly satisfying visually. But they’re also unrealistic since real ones are often more massive (>94 million A.U.!) Could you begin adding nebulae that span across two ore more gate transits?

This suggestion isn’t intended to be just entertaining for us players. It also benefits CCP. How? CCP could rightly begin promoting a true educational dimension in its content. Some of these phenomena have already been modeled in detail by real world astrophysicists. So, Eve-verse hosting their data makes content more compelling while also promoting their research. This would foster a notably closer relationship between Eve and realworld science. Win-win.

Some of these things will be visually breathtaking, strengthening CCP’s marketing. Warping through a star more than 20 A.U. wide, navigating an unborn star system, containing proto-planetoids and vast dust rings that orbit a not-yet ignited star. CCP could even make an Eve-wide event for the birth of new star systems!

In short, portraying a little real astrophysics brings benefits to everyone. It enhances CCP’s public relations and marketing, while powerfully enrichening our gameplay.

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