Voice comm login to counter bots

Yeah, how about CCP just stocks up the team that is responsible for this things?

  • It’s a great way to discriminate hearing impaired people.
  • It’s a great way to discriminate speech impaired people.
  • Not everyone uses a mic.

Maybe you should have a permanent signature and ingame bio “I hate disabled people!” ?


It’s not just delve… was traveling trough a crappy deserted region (outer passage or whatever) looking to deliver some high velocity lead and… Every active system I checked had 5 botting gilas and a POS. Average % of botters is the same, Delve just has more people living in it. As for rorquals, It’s easy to multibox miners since it’s mostly an afk “activity”.

CCP is also to blame for plex price rise, they added injectors, skins and advertise the game as free (every newbro gets a vni for free and spins it for 30 hours to get omega). All that consumes plex and it’s supply isn’t rising.

That would be an unacceptable privacy intrusion, I don’t live in North korea thanks. If “botting” is an issue, the game people need to fix it. Without trying to be the KGB, they suck at it. AMMENDMENT-> If it will accept my Darth Vader voice emulator, then fine

I want the game recognize me making a gachi gasm. :weary:

There are so many places that this idea fails. So… botting in null is ok with your idea? And you can’t play the game if you don’t have a mic? What if my headset breaks?

Why are you going afk in space? You’ve been playing for 5+ years and you still haven’t learned not to do that? Were you slaving yourself to pay for plex for some reason? Why?

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