Voice comm login to counter bots

It’s now about five years I am on Alpha account. Plex prices too steep, my life got entrenched in various ways that I could not afford intense gameplay any more, Pve got risky in high sec, bots warping in gangs to kill ya mean you could no snoop to the toilet for a second if not docked somewhere, and you can not kill known pirates without being vaporized by security forces in zero sec, while when they do it, they also kill your pod and implants. We need a safejacket for our pods in high space, autojumping, if our security score is high enough and are not at war with some stray dog corp. It took me years to get to know EVE, and ten year later, I’m still learning stuff, like the AFK bots.
My idea is simple. Voice comm login for all players. Bots won’t be able to respond to a question with a human voice. If someone has say 10 accounts, and in the same moment, during gameplay, a confirm identity message appear, you get 30 sec to activate your mic and answer the question. Fail to do so you get a yellow flag and a 1 hour warning to dock to the nearer station, this is for high sec only, null sec, would need a different approach.
At station you get to answer to another question if you want to pull your ship out, or the yellow flag will turn permanently red, that mean, everyone can kill you and your pod without any consequence and get a pretty bounty. Let us human players get some fun afterall.

Does anyone has a better idea? Falcon?
Miss you guys, but I ain’t coming back yet.

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We have deaf players too


They are too steep because of “bot-free Delve”. And Delve got a massive boost from CCP itself thanks to thee completely bonkers, not thought through and illogical buff to Rorqs and Supers. This lead to people there having 10, 20 or even more characters. Blaming the PLEX price just on bots when “bot-free” areas have a much greater impact on the price is naive and misleading.

See, I can’t stop learning, but please read twice, as there can be two interpretations on my subject, effectively, I’m not pretending bits for bots, its just human.

That’s unfortunate, there could be special permits to them.

Bad idea.

There are reasons:

  1. Many EvE player do not speak English.
  2. There are times and situations where people can login and play but cannot make noises.

What if I’m playing with my sound off? Broken headphones or just listening to music?


That’s quite a large statement.

I’m afraid as far as i’m concerned, if you haven’t been a paying customer for so long, you shouldn’t really have a say.

But I really do love the fact that you have a concept in mind to address this specific topic, so nice post :slight_smile:

As far as I’m concerned, he has posting rights on the forum and has just as much a say as you have.

Gee, this will totally ruin botting.

I mean…

Are you fing kidding me?? :angry:

I would have to record a voice and play it back in my script, MAJOR HASSLE



I think only way to destroy bots is to ditch 10 year old pve content and replace it with something else. Could be as simple as changing spawns to fewer, but more challenging enemies and the reward being loot instead of direct isk and/ or adding random events to existing sites 30% of (actually) elite/ drifter/ triglavian/ pirate ships warping in on top of you or something. If the bot had 30% chance of getting stuck/ killed in a site it wouldn’t be effective long term.

Are you talking about Code? Cause that aint bots. They are against bots, in fact.

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3: The questions would have to be very simple yes/no questions that you can answer without going on a google search. Even a bot programmed to always say “yes” would get them right 50% of the time.

4: Real players get frustrated and quit, a bot just tries again. You don’t want your anti-bot measures to hurt real players more than bots.

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Which one, Discord, TS3, Mumble?

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CCP supports non RMT botting. Hilmar is only realising what damage it did to CCP very recently. Without CCP’s smackhead 12 year addiction to botting they’d be a dev house at least 5x as big as they are now.

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And people who don’t own mics?

I mean its not unheard of to never even need to own one


No, go away.




Oh right, my EVE sound seems to break sometimes. Does that mean I get flagged as potential AFK bot sometimes and subsequently killed for being a bot sometimes when EVE sound keeps breaking at the wrong moments?
I mean, I can live without space ambient sounds and laser pewpews, but when the game starts using sounds to flag players for being bots, the EVE sound system needs to be a lot more reliable than it currently is.


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