Volatile hulls (take 2)

@PI_farmer1 had an idea to make hulls volatile as a way to deny lootz. sure taking a page from WWII vets from Russia seems cool but making a “volatile” hull needs to have a different set of characteristics.

  1. they still drop loot. not as much as a normal hull would, but still.
  2. volatile hulls are to be used as a form of Kamikaze style gameplay.

the way it works is that the hull is made using extra materials (similar to iteration one) and one of the mids or lows of the ship are removed from it’s base slot layout. this slot becomes the “detonator” module in your ship layout. it will have a cycle time like a module with a noticeably shorter countdown than the normal self-destruct. when the timer hits zero, your ship is destroyed and doles out AOE damage that profiles out based on it’s resists and mass. with one fitting slot gone and no other visual cues except for the instant and violent explosion of the ship and the damage output, it allows for a new breed of surprise warfare.

should point out that concord can still tell if your ship is volatile, and to err on the side of caution “do not allow” volatile ships to undock in 0.5 or higher.

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