Vonhole Partnership Program

Ladies and gentlemen, new AT ships are going to be released in a few days. In order to let you experience these vessels carefree we have decided to start a partnership program as a test.

For 8B/month you will become our partner, which means Vonhole & Co. will not consider you as a target. Bringing a friend along with you will give you both a discount of 25%, making it 6B/month.

You can contact Kidein Orlenard (Kidein#5254) on business matters.


I do not think that these services will help Casper not to die from a svipul


On the contrary I feel like I’m not being hunted enough. Please send 8b/month my way and make me more of a target instead.
I’ll even throw in my location API free of additional charges. Thanks!


sign me up for this if you are offering this , i would also like to be added to the list

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and i will accept a discounted rate of 6B/month for the first 3 months if you promise to hunt me for 6 months

AT ship flying permits? This is so EVE, lol, I love it!


Thank you Vonhole for offering such a great program. It’s a small price to pay to insure that my AT ships don’t die. Think of it, 8b ISK is nothing compared to a ship that’s worth more than most peoples mortgage payment. I have sent you 16b isk and character names of both of my elite pvp AT ship pilots. I look forward to unlimited usage for the next 30 days. I would suggest all of you first time AT ship owners to send this man your AT ship rental payment as well.

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I don’t do business with mouse clicker sorry.


This is a good deal.


Here we go, digital protection racket. You should call yourselves the wormhole mafia.

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I take offense :slight_smile:

Do the buyers need to put the permit in their bio @Fredrick_Vonhole


Could I get a NFT ?

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How much do you charge for a 1v1?


I love everything about this.

Quality meme, but Im not taking it thanks :slight_smile:

von hole taunt

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