Vote Ludo Win EVE

Hey look, another EVE player is running for CSM. Why should you care? Read on, gentle reader, read on…

F that, lets get straight to the TL;DR:

-Ludo is running for CSM.

-Ludo has experienced almost every aspect of the game at various points in his EVE career, yet still finds more to explore and experience.

-Ludo wants to help EVE and its community thrive, while maintaining the nasty, brutish, sweet, and oddly Icelandic-scented edge that fascinates and terrifies us all.

-Ludo wants you to have fun, whether you are 24/7 Elite PVPer ™ or a Professional Spai or a Ratter Who Wants To Destroy In Peace or a Space Hermit who never undocks unless to pick up their PI. It’s a big cluster. There is room for all.

-Ludo is a single char, White Hat player. Yep. Really.

-Ludo has the Experience, Skills, and Space Buddies to help make EVE that much better. He humbly asks for your vote to help him succeed in this task.

-Always trust The Ludocrat.

-Vote for Ludo, Win EVE.

From time to time, I hope to answer any questions you may have for me, as well as expand on my reasons for running for CSM. I am truly truly humbled by even the opportunity to contribute to this amazing game

-The Ludo

OK…if you’ve stuck around for story time, I’d like to relay the following as way of an example of my approach to improving EVE.

During WWII, Allied Bomber Command experienced horrendous losses during their bombing runs. Crews had a 1 in 3 or less chance of returning from certain missions and, those fortunate to arrive back at their airfields did so in aircraft riddled with bullets.

Engineers studied these bullet holes, looking to reinforce the areas where they found them clustered.

No! Said some other Engineers. Putting more armor in those areas won’t help. Those aircraft returned; their damage was survivable. Instead, study where there are no bullet holes, for the aircraft that were shot in those locations did not return…


+1 for story time

Was large eyed and breathless the whole time.

I really don’t care about your background or the flowery story. Present to me your platform as a CSM candidate–what sort of policy directions do you wish to see? What kind of feedback will you give? What sort of experience do you have and what communities do you draw upon? What kind of a player are you?

Your current campaign thread tells me nothing of use.

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