[VPN] Official Venal Prosperity Network thread

You’re a strange one, pilot. I’ve learned that from our encounter aboard the Warren.

Thought I’m pleased to hear you’ll be investing some time into the region. Could always use more Capsuleers looking to pitch in and be apart of this region’s growing economy!

Welcome to Venal!

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Market Orders 1

Market orders 2

Market orders 3

Small update, but in order to help promote the newly opened freeport Freeport, I gotta get it’s name out there. In order to do that? Need to get it’s name up there on the market listing, so I’ve taken the time and ISK to relist all of my modules and ammunition in The Rabbit’s Warren.

Ship hulls however will most likely be staying aboard the Guristas Production Shipyard, due to the large volume per unit and the fact that i mass produced these ships, I’m left with a nightmarish stockpile of frigates and destroyers and no efficient way of moving them all. At the same time, as the station’s name implies - the Production shipyard is optimized to store starships in massive quantities and maintain their condition and quality till assembled.

Also, just not smart to put all my eggs into one basket.

As always, the prices you see have been made to me some of the lowest you’ll find in all the region. I took he liberty of radically changing the prices on most of my goods to make everything that much more affordable.

  • SCC Raid of Guristas Finance Node in Pure Blind Fails as Billions in Corporate Scrip Datablocks are Transferred Out; Inside Tip-Off Suspected

Well! This came to my attention after the Scope released it’s latest article.

Now, I’m not gonna start talking big that the SCC failed, the SCC are made up of humans like any other group in New Eden thus are prone to error like the rest of us.

I will say however, if this failure isn’t purely the cause of human error and there is in-fact a rogue element that tipped the Guristas off about this little raid. I would love to meet you, whoever you are that put the word out, and compensate you for your efforts.

I understand someone like you will need to keep your identity under wraps if you’re leaking intel from the inside, but i assure you i have no reason to expose your identity, regardless if those datablocks were going, leaving or had nothing to do with Venal at all - I want to express my thanks to your services in protecting Guristas finances.


Must admit, I am very intrigued by your eloquence and sharp marketing campaign. Wondering if there is a prospectus or other insturment that can be researched to make a informed decision to my operations, ie nuts and bolts or whose palm you grease to get official sanction within Venal.The Devil is in the details.

My regards,

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Sent you a mail, pilot, It’s a pleasure to have others express interests in what we got going on here and I willt ry to answer any question you may have.

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Let’s try something new

I’m proud to announce the opening of the Prosperous Venal Depository. I know, the name isn’t that original, but given that this institute will operate under the VPN brand, the name had to be something similar.

Continuing on with the theme of adding onto the infrastructure the Guristas have in Venal, opening a bank seemed like a risky, yet promising opportunity to expand upon. The Prosperous Venal Depository is here to serve both residents and visitors of Venal with a reliable and trustworthy banking service that will work alongside the Prosperity Network. Users will be allowed to open up checking and savings accounts, and deposit both Gurista and mega-corporation scrip with no questions asked.

Being integrated into the Prosperity Network, account holders will be able to make transactions with ease and zero delay, and can even act as a middle man for buyers and sellers if the need arises. We will also be looking into the prospect of aiding account holders with converting scrip they may own into a scrip they need.

There are of course some limitations with the Depository, most of which are self-imposed limitations to help enrich the quality of the service VPN is now providing to the region. Much like access to the Prosperity Network’s digital bazaar is limited only to the region, account holders will be unable to connect to the Depository’s services if they’re outside the region of Venal. This institution has zero function outside of Venal, therefore users are advised to put only what they need to keep in Venal with the PVD.

Currencies from the Republic, Federation, Empire or whatever obscure society that exist out there - will be rejected outright and are not eligible to be deposited here, this includes ISK. Already the Depository is biting off a bit too much by servicing Guristas and Mega Corporation scrip, trying to service every currency under a star would be overkill and unnecessary.

A branch office exists on the Guristas logistical station in 6NJ8-V, but the Depository’s primary holdings will be located aboard The Rabbit’s Warren. Due to a Foritzar being a destructible target, plans are in place to ensure the evacuation of all essential materials and data nodes to assure only temporary inconvenience in this service will occur int he event the citadel is besieged. At the same time, not all our eggs will be in just one basket and assets will be located in other confidential locations.

We hope those users with the Venal Prosperity Network will give this service a chance, we aim to improve upon it’s functionality and offer more services in the future to enrich the quality of life and commerce in Venal


Hello IGS, Avio Yaken here again with an update, something that may be of genuine interest to those interested in making some quick low-risk ISK.

I like to present, Flash Orders. Flash Orders will be a small little thing I’ll be doing on the side to further boost the economy out in this region. VPN is also used by baseliner personnel in the region, they have their own needs and most of the time they fly under the radar of Capsuleers.

Well, allow me to try and remedy this. I will from now on be sponsoring buy orders placed by Baseliner users of the Venal Prosperity Network that I deem to potentially have some wider economical impact if fulfilled. What exactly does my sponsorship mean? Well, it means I will be promoting the buy order directly to Capsuleers and covering the costs of the good so I can offer up ISK instead of some kind of lowly scrip.

Also to spice things up, I will be offering bonuses to those that fulfill majority of a buy order, these could come in the form of additional ISK or maybe a ship hull in 6NJ8-V. Bonuses of course will only be paid out if the buy order is fulfilled and doesn’t expire, so you should see too completing any order you started if you really want your hands on the bonus.

Requests I sponsor will be of low-volume and cheap and I will be buying at very generous prices to encourage pilots to make the gauntlet run up here with only making small investments on their end.

So now that I explained how this is gonna work, let’s start off with the first Flash Order!

Flash Order

Station: H-PA29 V - Moon 1 - Guristas Assembly Plant

User: Derard Praghts - Owner of “Your pleasure? Our business.”

Time Limit: [EXPIRED]


These factory workers are bigger drunks and perverts than the pirates themselves, my pleasure hub aboard the Guristas Assembly Plant in H-PA29 and is named “Your Pleasure? Our Business.” And my ‘business’ is drying up like our taps, I’m pretty desperate for a booze run right about now. I had a VPN advert up about my establishment and it brought in more traffic than we could handle. Demand blew us out, now nobody is bothering to show up here. I need a stockpile of spirits and spiced wine, if it gots alcohol, these people will drink it - till there’s none left again! I need these by the crate loads, I don’t care how anyone gets them.

Oh! Tobacco as well, in order to reel in customers again and build my establishment’s reputation back up - we’re gonna hand out free cigars to every visitor that shows up for the next 30 days.

  • Derard Praghts

Requested Goods

  • 750 units of [Spirits] - 35,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Venture

  • 500 units of [Spiced Wine] - 30,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Venture

  • 1,500 units of [Tobacco] - 15,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: x1 Cormorant

Good luck pilots.


Back again with new Flash orders New Eden

Flash Order

Station: 6NJ8-V VII - Moon 2 - Guristas Logistic Support

User: Damron Smelk - Logistics officer for Gurista Milita

Time Limit: [FULFILLED]


I got Gurista Milita units across several colonies both planetside and space bound that are in dire need of an arsenal overhaul. Specific places won’t be named publicly here, point is I’m prepared to drop [75,000 ISK] a crate for whomever can get their hands on some more modern weaponry that I can hand out to these lads that can actually put a dent in these walking tin-can empyrean mercenaries that are running a muck back in Empire space. Without more modern firearms, they’ll be soft targets if those psychos ever come knocking.

Buy, loot, steal - do whatever it takes to get me some crates and bring them to [Avio Yaken] in the Logistic station in 6NJ8-V.

  • Damron Smelk

Requested Goods

And another one

Flash Order

Station: K3JR-J VIII - Guristas Assembly Plant

User: Kenin Sidam - H-PA Crew distributor

Time Limit: [FULFILLED]


What’s poppin? It’s ya’ boy from H-PA crew, and I’m looking for a supplier on some goodie-goodie. Long story short, I fancy myself as a pioneer of narcotic products, I like to take your everyday consumable drug like Blue, Crash or Frentrix, and give it a twist that will make it that much more enjoyable to consume.

Like this, I get some puff pastry dough, cut them into strips, roll them up into little rolls and then I flatten them out in cinnamon-crash-sugar (My own personal creation) and put some apple filling on one side, fold it over and bake it for just 45 minutes. Boom, Crash-apple flip homie.

Unfortunately my superiors aren’t forking over any product to experiment with my own home-baked products. Therefore I’m dipping into my own accounts to fund the purchase of my own goods to use in creating delicious bakery goods, that will also get you ■■■■■■ up.

Blue, Crash, Frentrix, Sooth Sayer, bring it all to me and I will pay you [ISK] per [Unit], I’m gonna need some fresh wheat too. Amarr stuff, I only accept the best quality of ingredients, you heard?

Requested Goods

  • 100 units of [Blue Pill] - 50,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Condor
  • 100 units of [Crash] - 50,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Atron
  • 100 units of [Frentix] - 50,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Executioner
  • 100 units of [Sooth Sayer] - 50,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Slasher
  • 500 units of [Amarrian Wheat] - 75,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Worm blueprint copy


Got another flash order, this one I’m gonna make a priority as it’s from someone i consider special.

Flash Order

Station: The Rabbit’s Warrne - 6NJ8-V

User: Suha Raibuya - Windchime Guru

Time Limit: [FULFILLED]


An overwhelming amount of the Prosperity Network’s userbase access the service via neocoms. They’re convenient, compact, and essential pieces of technology that make interstellar trade across New Eden efficient and to the point.

While they’re common enough across the cluster, not everyone actually has one of these devices, they’re affordable for most, but still pricey to those with low-income. I’ve only recently got one myself for the first time and I have to say, they’re fascinating bits of technology!

I would like to help residents of Venal acquire neocoms at affordable prices so that the VPN userbase can expand and thus, increase commerce across the platform. For that, I of course need Neocoms to sell! To those reading this ad, that’s where you come in! I ask for [200] crates worth of Neocoms be brought to The Rabbit’s Warren in 6NJ8-V.

I assure the rewards will be lucrative to those that act on this chance!

  • Suha Raibuya

Requested Goods

200 units of [Neocoms] - 250,000 [ISK] per unit
Bonus: 2x Worm Blueprint copy


Interstellar Euphoria [.DRUG], a subsidiary of the Coreli Corporation[CRII], is interested in fulfilling the requested narcotics order. Please allow for the standard shipping time of 36 hours from the galactic core.

In addition to pharmaceuticals and narcotics, Interstellar Euphoria and Coreli offer a wild range of rest and relaxation goods. We have what the the wary capsuleers, dock workers, and station personnel out in the far reaches of the New Eden crave . A brief listing of items available for shipment is provided below. Additionally our high quality products are available 23/7 at all major trade hubs.

  • Combat Boosters: Bluepill, Crash, Drop, Exile, Frentix, Mindflood, Soothsayer, and X-instinct
    (doses available include synth, standard, improved, strong)
  • Agency Series Boosters: Hardshell, Pyrolancea, Overclocker
    (does I-IV)
  • Deathglow: Residue, Decayed and Top Grade.
    Consumer Warning! Medical trials are ongoing and the full effects of Deathglow are yet unknown. Extreme hazard potential. Side effects are numerous and severe. Additional shipping cost required due to volatile nature of the substance.
  • Rest and Relaxation Items: Tobacco, Spirits, Spiced Wine, Synthetic Coffee, Protien Delicacies, Quafe, Holoreels, Exotic Dancers, Nerve Sticks, Crystal Egg, Fireworks.
    (janitorial service is subcontracted)
  • Antibiotics

Please send mail inquiries to Gyspy Nox or Mark Havoc , find a pharmaceutical representative in our public communications Chanel “Coreli Core”, or visit our GALNET site Coreli Corp

About: The Coreli Corporation is a heavily militarized pharmaceutical research and development corporation. For the past 14 years we have been working side by side with the Serpentis Corporation to bring you the products you so desperately crave. Interstellar Euphoria , a subsidiary acquired in YC121, provides Coreli Services to the Galactic North.


I am pleased to report the delivery of the requested goods. My load master has signed over the containers to port control for delivery to your hangar. Market transactions are complete. Pleasure doing business with you.

Fly Boosted.

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I am pleased to confirm that the transaction is legit and just in time. The goods will be transferred over to the network user who posted the buy order up.

Thank you for your efforts, pilot. And i would be very much interested in maybe discussing further trade between your organization and Venal.

The promised bonus has been contracted to you specifically, as you were the delivering pilot. (your post came off as being more on the behalf of your corporation)

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Sorn Interstellar is glad to say that a shipment of neocoms just landed in 6NJ8-V mere hours ago and is done being unloaded, along with this shipment is a few of our people that will be setting up shop.

Sorn Interstellar Industries offers a wide range of planetary goods and weapons to ship designs. We have been in this business for two years now, and have seen a bit of everything in our line of work.

For more information contact
Maira Sorn Blackfire or Aiko Nekorajin


I appreciate your efforts, your order fulfills the Necomm order posted by Suha Raibuya - The goods will be transferred to her. She has people that will begin distribution immediately.

Now for other news, grim news - for once.

Combined forces of Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition have reinforced the Rabbit’d Warren.

I’m not gonna start chest beating or trying to demonize the attackers - I know what i signed up for doing something like this in these parts, And we may very well lose, or come out victorious in the coming defensive battle.

I will remain clam for the moment, my goods will still be for sale in the foritzar, should BOSS fail to defend the coming timer - then evacuation of personnel staff, and visitors will commence.

I will say - that in the worst case scenario, that if the Fortizar does fall? IT won’t stop me, I’ll continue working, and one day? May be another foritzar in it’s place.

Stay tuned for now, Flash Orders will be temporary suspended until this is sorted.


I’m pleased to announce that The Rabbit’s Warren repaired peacefully and the timer rolled over, freeport operations are therefore recommencing. Diplomacy succeeded, there was no epic last stand to save the Fortizar - And while BOSS is prepared to go to those lengths, it was unnecessary this time around.

I’d like to thank users for remaining calm and hope that this hiccup won’t disrupt the festivities from here on out.

Flash Orders will return shortly, stay tuned


Excellent. This is news I am pleased to hear.

I look forward to finally getting a chance to visit the station soon.

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We’d be glad to have you aboard, i can see to it that one of the more higher-tier hotels have a room reserved for you when you arrive, you can mail me any preferences you have - I’ll see to it that they are met.


Today, Hiedoo Sisters Inc. [HIEDO] is officially announcing our support to the Venal Prosperity Network. We are a small scale yet ambitious organisation that prides itself on its exceptional customer service. We also do believe in free space for all as Avio Yaken envisioned it. As such, we will provide our full range of services to the Capsuleers and baseliners of Venal to help them start, grow and develop their businesses:

  • Hauling: We are offering regular deliveries for all volumes and collateral to and from 6NJ8-V and the K3JR-J pipe.

  • LP Buyback: We are offering a buyback program for Guristas Loyalty Points at a very competitive ISK.LP rate.

  • General Buyback: We are offering a general buyback for ship hulls, modules, drones and much more.

For any question on our terms and conditions of service, please send inquiries to Trinia Hiedoo or Samana Hiedoo, or visit our communication channel that is outside of CONCORD reach here.


It’s a pleasure to have some more Capsuleer representation for other systems like K3JR-J, while I’m personally dedicated to strengthening economic output of 6NJ8-V, if the region as a whole is to become a true economical powerhouse, every system in this region with a station needs to have someone stocking the markets with goods.

A region where every station is a trade hub int heir own right? Now that’s gonna take a lot of work, but is it possible? Hell yes it is, and with pilots like @Trinia_Hiedoo coming in and helping out? The possibility is that much more closer to reality.

To Venal’s prosperity!


Flash Order

Station: 6NJ8-V - Moon 6 - Guristas Production Shipyard

User: Emilia Asihlau - Guristas Productions missile technician

Time Limit: [FULFILLED]


Out of all of our tech, the Caldari Navy has us beat in ammunition production, From Hybrid charges to missiles, whatever secret ingredient they have in their munitions formula makes a massive difference in their combat efficiency. Ammo with the Navy’s branding is a hot commodity in any market while our brand missiles are more of a cheaper alternative that constantly gets overlooked.

Something’s gotta be done about that, a push to enhance our charges. I have theories and plans drawn up for prototypes, but my supervisor has denied allocating resources and funding to chase after my ideas. So, only solution is to fund my own experiments. I require multiple goods to make this happen, starting off with 500 barrels worth of Rocket Fuel. Next i require 100 units worth of each type of pulse generators, Nuclear, Plasma, Graviton, and EM. Casings and other common components i can source easily from boneyard that have defected (and disarmed) missiles.

My experiments may very well be a waste of time and resources, but that will be my time and resources wasted. Don’t care much how anyone gets the goods, jusut bring them to [Avio Yaken] at the Guristas Production Shipyard in 6NJ8-V

  • Emilia Asihlau

Requested Goods

  • 500 units of [Rocket Fuel] - 250,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Scourge Rocket Blueprint Original
    Bonus: 1x Inferno Rocket Blueprint Original
    Bonus: 1x Nova Rocket Blueprint Original
    Bonus: 1x Mjolnir Rocket Blueprint Original

  • 100 units of [Plasma Pulse Generator] - 150,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Inferno Light Missile Blueprint Original

  • 100 units of [Graviton Pulse Generator] - 150,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Scourge Light Missile Blueprint Original

  • 100 units of [Nuclear Pulse Generator] - 150,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Nova Light Missile Blueprint Original

  • 100 units of [EM Pulse Generator] - 150,000 [ISK] per unit
    Bonus: 1x Mjolnir Light Missile Blueprint Original