Waist? Seriously?

I played eve in the beta and my mining ship literally looked like a brown turd box with a strange bent stick coming out of it and the sound effects were absolutely terrible. It why i didnt bother with eve until late 2014 after playing dust.

It was just terrible but i seem to have missed all the broken glory years.

again, not a miner i am assuming.

Careful, you will be called unfaithful. You will be called ungrateful. You will be called any manner of names by the acolytes and psychophants of the the great and mighty 3 letter NAME of NAMES that shall only be referred to in hushed and adherent tones.(wait for angelic choirs)

Like so many other Industry/PvE players who were drawn in by the siren call of EVE marketing’s “be what you want to be” campaign. And like the good crack heads that we all seem to be and despite the dealers in our our choice of drug constantly changing the cut, we keep coming back like good addicts.

I finally thought I had kicked the EVE habit for good. Tried to come back last summer at the end of Invasion. That ole siren call. At the time to find out that i had lost so many of my resources during invasion and Pochven and liminality that i cant speak, which was enough to “straighten me out” again for several months. Then the ole drug calling me back yet again. So, came back yet again a couple of weeks ago. Only to find out that the new logic dictates that advanced skill training and higher tech level modules don’t make me more productive as a miner/ industrialist, but less so. And all the hours/days/weeks/months of training mining specialization skills for all those different types of ores were a complete and utter waste as now I have to retrain “Simple Ore Processing” and “Complex Ore Processing” and all the while saying “Please CCP may I have another…Please CCP may i Have another”

Attention all other PVE/Industrialist addicts. This is not a game for you. CCP continues to demonstrate that in so many ongoing and incontrovertible ways.

Enough is enough.

Should have had a reimbursement of SP.

It’s about a 34.

Anyway I’ve been mining and doing industry a little bit on an alt and with skills, it’s miner, like what are you even crying about? The isk is flowing in through mission pay, the salvage after, the reprocessing and also the mining. The isk floweth from every direction. That’s not even mentioning the stuff im building.

Really how easy does it have to be. Im almost tempted to stop paying to win :laughing:

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