Mining wastage is a bad idea

This has to be the worst idea since NPC mining fleets in high-security space.
Don’t let this account fool you, I’ve been on EVE since it was a year old.
This new mechanic is NOT okay. And I still want to see the game free of NPC miners.


they doubled the amount of ore in belts, wastage is less than 50%…equals a net gain of ore. What is the problem?


‘I don’t care that we now in fact have more ore, it feels like less.’


I think that the whole waste concept is being misunderstood. To me, the original intent was very similar to the refining changes they made years ago.

In its initial design, you saw no net gain/loss with your basic skills. But if you increase your skills you can increase your maximum mineable volume.

With the live version, you gain loads of additional ore with T1 and T2 gets a little more ore while also getting an increase yield rate.

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When I started playing in 2005 there wasn’t any of this nonsense. What you mined is what you got. What you refined is what you got. They need to go back to the old systems and stop screwing with the game mechanics. It’s why I LEFT for 2 1/2 years.

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That was 17 years ago… Games that last long, have to evolve. EVE has to evolve and change if we want to see it go into it’s 3rd decade.


Can we at least agree that Mining Waistage is indeed a problem? The Orca being so dummy thicc is honestly kind if distracting.


WHY is it a problem? Everyone says it’s a problem, but not why. Even with wastage, we are getting more ore than we were before…that’s better, not worse.


I think it is still just a misunderstanding. A quick example with hypothetical numbers.

Lets say pre-waste, you had an asteroid of 1072m3 and you mined with a T1 miner at a rate of 75m3/cycle or a T2 miner at a rate of 100m3/cycle. You would collect 1072m3 of ore in 15 and 11 cycles respectively.

After waste was added, you got double the ore available, so 2144m3. Using the same rates but adding 34% chance of waste to the T2 miner you would get 2144m3 in 29 cycles with T1 and 1600m3 in 16 cycles with T2 with the extra 544m3 going to waste.

With the new system, you get more available ore with both options and pay for the faster mining speed with more waste if you go T2.


Wastage is a problem for miners with crystals because the crystal damage is calculated after the wastage and not before. This results in wildly differing crystal damage and causes more annoyance than meaningful gameplay experience, in addition to the already greater annoyance that wastage itself causes by mere existence. You now waste more when you mine it, you waste it when you reprocess it and you will waste it when you compress it. Lots of negative experiences subjectively and objectively canceling out the gained ore.



but more meaningful gameplay experience than meaningful annoyance.

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I would counter by saying that waste is the best thing to happen to mining in a long time. More ore available, retrieved quicker, and the addition of real mining PvP. What’s not to love?


Oh my ■■■■■■■ God yes. Why is 1 of my dang crystals at 50% damaged and the other not even 5%!!! This is so damn frustrating. The new circle layout has made it impossible to boost a fleet and have barges on separate rocks.

They 1 up the f*ck you to the miners by making barges slower so now with this IGNORANT DESIGN you either have to warp back and forth a million times or wait 6 years for the damn thing to slow boat 50km to get to the next rock!!!

This new system is garbage. The absolute only reason I still do this activity is because we really need the adms. If it weren’t for that I’d be so done with this garbage mining. Oh and where the duck is out gas compression???!?!? The only good thing you were going to do in ENTIRE industry changes and we still don’t have it!


Something you’re also leaving out is that waste is calculated before yield. So if you are mining a rock with less than or equal to a full cycle in it and your last cycle produces waste it’s just all gone and you get ■■■■ all but wasted time.


I don’t disagree that the sequence of waste to yield can be irritating, but a less than stellar final cycle has been an issue forever. Min/Max miners have already solved this with a survey scanner and shutting down the laser early. If you’re worried about the scraps you leave behind, a single drone on the remnants can clean it up.

only the Proc/Skiff got slower

Boost range got a buff iirc, so with a T2 cored orca, mining ships should be able to reach a decent chunk of rocks from the center.
However, the new circle layout is a bit of a pain as a lot of rocks are far out. The old half circle was a better layout

Kinda but not really. It’s RNG. And thats the issue many folks have with it. Inability to properly plan. 600 left on the road so you cycle for 300 in case there is waste. But there is not wast so you are left with 300 on the rock. And yes your drone suggestion works…………But its a silly inconvenience that is more irritating for active miners trying to max yield than for those AFKing. It feels like a punishment.

I don’t mind the feature but details like this are super frustrating.

Yeah my orca was boosting out to around 70km and giving a mining laser range of 32km from memory. That’s allowing stuff to be mined 100km from the orca. And my skills for boosts are not maxed.

All moot now as rumour has it the belts are back to horseshoes as of downtime today lol.

I hadnt heard this. If this is the case then that is very good. Didn’t like the circle but I wasn’t gunna complain cause to me it doesnt really matter that much

So, there’s more ore available, but there are less mineral sinks with new industry - changed bpcs and new caps not being built. More supply with less demand.

Y’all sure this is prosperity and not inflation for mineral stockpile devaluation?