Waiting for customer support

Rant about Customer Service

Try to reactivate my old accounts to take up Eve after a break. One account goes without any issues. The other, I have to contact customer support and wait for days with no answer. I am guessing providing support to people wanting to resubscribe would be a priority because it is incoming revenue, but after 5 days of waiting with nothing more that an email that gave me a support ticket number. I guess being a subscribed member on multiple accounts for more than a decade is no indication of my willingness to provide revenue.

What issues are you having?

…and here we go again.


remember, the more accounts you have the smaller your wiwi gets


Customer support isn’t going to drop what they are doing. I’ve had a ticket in for a week, I’m not complaining or making a whiny thread, they’ll get to it when they can. This is weird times, they are not in their offices but at home. Calm down and they’ll be with you soon©


You have deserted us before. You probably will again soon; you’re not worth the trouble.

Please be patient when filing support tickets. All get answered. Also, as a reminder, be civil when speaking to others. Thank you.

As no further support can be given at this time, I’m closing his thread.