Want to borrow Gold Magnate on test server

I am in need of borrowing a gold magnate frigate for an… ‘experiment’. Anyone who happens to be in possession of one, perhaps we could discuss? I would like to fly one briefly on the singularity test server. Perhaps someone could make an arrangement with me? And then we could try out this ‘experiment’ of mine together.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound as ridicolous to ask as I fear it might be.
Hoping for a reply on this. :3

I’ll inform your further if you approach me with a genuine offer.

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As a non owner of either of the 2 left, yes it does.

You would have much more chance of even reaching the owners by trying to contact them directly, rather than posting in the forum

  • Kelon Darklight is still very active - though not sure if he ended up selling to Scott Manley last year or not
  • Scott Manley is very easy to track down directly outside EVE
  • Lucian IV looks to have quit the game, so not likely to get access to his at all

But overall, why would anyone loan out the most expensive ship in the game, even on SiSi, for an ‘experiment’ from a random character?


Well, the “no” he already have. And, worse case scenario, the owner lose access to the magnate on SISI until next mirror I wouldn’t count that as such big risk. (Tho, I’d still ask for some serious compensation to be paid on tranquility.)

That last part I think is against the tos in some way.

So not against tos per se, but it does break sisi rules

  1. Selling items on the Test server for ISK on TQ is not allowed.

So compensating on TQ could fall under that

It says ISK but it doesn’t say anything about accepting a scam contract in exchange for :credit_card: PLEX for example from the gold magnate owner. :smirk:

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