Want to do something but don't have the funds

Want to do something in eve but don’t have sufficient funds, help!

Do other things to earn the funds in EVE. There are tons of things you can do.

The funds necessary could take months to obtain though

Rome wasn’t built in a day :grinning:

What are you trying to do?

You can always buy PLEX from CCP and sell it on the in-game market for ISK. Otherwise, it will take a new player some time to get established and start earning a substantial income - same as real life!

Try it out on Singularity to see if it works.

What is singularity

The test server, where most items are seeded for 100 isk each in each constellation.

If your account was created before June 25th or so, you should be able to log into Singularity (Sisi) by changing your server selection in the Launcher. If you have changed your password since June 25th, you will need to use your old password to connect to Sisi.

Ok cool thanks

Check out the Singularity support article and other pages linked therein for tips on how to use Sisi - it’s great for modeling new ship fittings and safely experimenting with new types of PvE content.

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