Want to get good at combat. Should i just run the quest chains?

Havent played since 2016.
Played mostly explorer. Prefered low-sec and Null. High sec was dull loot.
Now i want to “get good” at combat, pve and pvp.

Like to explore but want to be able to do combat sites, The abyss and stuff like that.

Dont remember how to link skills here. But im at 5.89 million skills and about 1.5bill isk

Ill be going omega and prefer solo play, because of hours played.
But not against joining a corp.

welcome back
pve and pvp, imo, are quite different
even if you plan to play solo, imo, you should join a corp
if you want to improve in pve, yes, run the quest chains, but you would benefit from joining a corp, where you will get friends, advices, help, fittings, etc
If you want to get good at pvp, that’s quite different, and you would also benefit from joining a corp (FW, wormhole, low sec, null sec,…) where you will get friends, advices, help, fits, etc
Just find a corp which allows you to play when you want

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