Want to start learning how to solo PVP, need ship suggestions

Ignoring the incredible levels of sperg here…

Hi, I’m Verdis, and I love solo pvp. If you want to learn, I would honestly recommend joining a FW alliance. They will have the support to let you ask questions, and get quick answers. Obviously, I reccomend Ushra’khan, but anyone decently large and organized can help.

That said, Lowsec and Nullsec are very different beasts. Bubbles change a lot, and the kiting fits are more common there, while Lowsec doesn’t have that restriction, and fast brawlers can be more useful for solo there.

Whichever you pick, try to keep your options open, and as large a set of ships possible to engage. A Incursus with an afterburner and blasters may be lethal at close range, but all someone has to do is stay out of range, and you’re simply a target.

I prefer having utility options such as:
Dual prop (mwd + ab)
Flexible range weapons (missiles and drones)

I’ll link a couple of my fits for starters. All are cheap, and most are alpha capable. Fly dangerously o7

Algos (Factional Warfare small plexes)
Dragoon (Factional Warfare small plexes)

Vigil Fleet Issue (FW mostly)

Tristan (kitey, usable anywhere, and cheap AF. T2 mods as needed)

Stabber (cheap for a cruiser, most fun you can have with your clothes on)

Also, take a look at Blight’s Wretch on youtube, he has a lot of good cheap and solo content. Plus, he’s a great guy…for a pirate.


Cheers mate! Lots of good looking fits for me to try out. Was just looking at the stabber as I love the look of it, that’s at the top of my list right now.

I have thought about joining a corp but I always ended up leaving. I can’t tell you why, I just do and because of it my corp history is an absolute mess. I don’t want to waste someones time when it can be better spent on someone who will actually still around. Maybe once I’ve got the hang of PVP ill try again but for now, solo it is


edit: In game message as I’m writing this :slight_smile:


Haha, my Corp history is nearly as big of a mess. I enjoy U’K a lot though, as it’s a lively place, has loads going on, and the people are a lot of fun. Plus, you’re never short of content in a FW warzone. My schedule keeps me from a lot of fleet pvp, hence the solo habits, but when you have the time, its there when you want it.

Also less scanning, thank Bob. I was always the first one online in my old wormhole Corp, and pretty much became a human cartography lab.

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The think about most FW Corps (not all of course), is they don’t mind solo people. You get the community and knowledge of people in Corp chat…but if you want to remain solo…you can.


Your best bet would be Faction Warfare space, which you can pull up on your Agency.

Be aware that the vast majority of FW space is really just populated by bots that run the plexes constantly day in and day out. Don’t bother trying to catch these because they’ll just warp to a deepsafe if you appear anywhere on dscan range of them.

You might get lucky and run across a couple of people also looking for fights, but it’s a bit hit or miss.

You can also try your luck at the popular “cool kids table” in Amamake and Tama, but know that you won’t be given any leeway for being new. Most of the regulars there have been PvPing for many years and are thirsty for kills.

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Cheap ships and fits, as you will loose it.

Just fit it the best you can to do the role you want it to do. In fleet its different as you might be asked to fly a specific role ship fit.


Scoots mentioned the breacher, and I agree it’s a fine choice. You can do the same fit on a Tristan as well. Rely more on drones for damage you can even fit neuts instead of guns. I would recommend one of those two.

It’s not like you have to spend time in the game anymore,

Ask a null sec alliance to let you join them, throw a few billion PLEX at a toon & fly a Dreadnought in a day

Or… you could not do dumb ■■■■ and learn to not suck by playing with smaller cheaper toys.

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If you have rl money to throw at the game Dreadnoughts are cheap toys

And if you have a several trillion isk, AT ships can be cheap toys too. But that doesn’t help OP, nor anyone else in the thread.


Old school best school.

Fit up a T1 frigate of whatever you fly. Fit the best stuff you can. Doesn’t even matter if it sucks, just give it a try.
Look on the map for places with some kills in the last hour. Or just some known pirate havens like Old Man Star or Tama.
Jump in system and if the gate is clear, go make a safe or two.
Then just hop in local chat and ask for a 1v1 at the sun. Most likely you WILL get that honorable fight because people just want to PvP. Some pirate corps like BRRC enforce honoring arranged fights with kicking violators, so again- chances are you will get the closest to a ‘fair’ fight you will see in Eve.

When you die…because you will. Warp out to a safe with your pod. No bubbles in low sec means you should easily escape.
Put a GF in local and then feel free to ask questions.

Ask about your fit. Ask about tactics like orbit vs manual piloting. Ask about when to attack drones vs attacking the player ship.

Then go get another ship and do it again. And again. Eve players, especially it’s pirates, are turbo-nerds for PvP and will happily talk space murder all day.
You might be asked to join them. Do it. You will learn more in a fleet of even a couple dudes than you will in a month by yourself.
At the least, ask to join them in some fleet action. I offered to let everyone shoot me (I was in a failfit frigate anyway) at the end of the fleet. I did my first gate camping by escaping the camp then asking to join them.
That is how I got out of high sec and learned to love Eve Online. After a year of plunder and typing YAARRR in local I progressed to null sec where I live today. But it’s those early days bouncing Rifters off each other that sold me on this game for the long haul.


I am an experienced pvp player and still fly my starter fits around fw space. Try googling Breacher, Rifter, Merlin and Incursus pvp fits. They are cheap, fun and quite effective without blowing all your isk while learning pvp. It’s a great way to learn and you should end up with a 50/50 win/loss record, even when taking fights you are not “supposed” to win.

Tristan, dont forget tristan!!

You may find in FW space these days a mwd fit is far more advantageous but only for taking the fights outside the gate (not inside the fw plex), it would also allow you to take hat same ship and fit into nullsec where afterburners arent used.

you can refit to ab for inside plexes, works well as an up close brawler or scram kiter (upto 9 or 9km range)
IMPORTANT learn how to slingshot.

May be fun…

Honestly in lowsec and in null only the way in which you deal with a target decides what ship you should be in many cases, some people even have solo ‘battle’ t1 logi cruisers for lowsec and do pretty well by baiting people to try and kill them.


Navigation V
Acceleration control V

Possibly the most overlooked skills in eve.

While googling fits is the most common answer, I don’t really suggest it. Eve is a very old game and information that worked even a year ago might be completely wrong now. Looking at ZKill is a better way to detect patterns…but that is all. Remember the fits you see are on people that died…it might be that their fit sucked. They might be fits designed for use in fleets and not solo PvP. They might be fits maxed for PvE.
Take it all with a grain of salt. But…you can see patterns emerge like whether ships are mostly fit with rails versus blasters. Armor vs Shield.

What you really need to do is stare at the fitting screen and simulator. It’s tedious but it is it’s own mini-game for many players. Learning what prevents you from fitting something will also tell you what skills you need to train. The value of having something at IV versus the grind to get V.
Newbs look at skills to train and ships to fly as separate questions. But one leads to the other. You miss that by googling.

First, pick what you are trying to do. This will determine a lot of things right away. For example for solo you will need to fit tackle and the Prop Jamming skill reduces the cap usage of your most important tackle modules-- webs, warp disruptors and scrams. Cap usage is more critical for Amarr and Gallante who have high cap draw weapons, so grinding the V there might be worth it right away or you might coast on IV for awhile. If you plan to brawl, then you will likely be running webs and a point- so again the skill to reduce cap usage is a primary concern.
Where you fight also makes a difference. In null sec we almost always have MWD because we burn thru a lot of bubbles and tend to fight at a distance with dedicated tackle. In low sec there are no bubbles so AB’s are more common because a scram shuts off an MWD but doesn’t affect an AB. If you are looking to fight in an FW plex for example, you can force a close range fight -at least initially- because the other guy will appear within a certain distance of a beacon just like camping a gate.

If you are really serious about PvP just join a big null sec alliance. We all have newbie specific corps that hand out ships and encourage you to go die in a fire. They have classes on everything from solo PvP to FC’ing capital fleets. We have a ton of solo PvP’ers and they will happily share knowledge. We also have fleets which are the best way to learn the basics before striking out on your own.

Solo means "nobody supports you ". So, nullsec alliance have a big problems - tons of blue pluses , offwars and they want you do your solo in free of cta time. Just follow 10 frig/destr plan and speak to your enemies after fights. They teach you the best.

Holy ■■■■, that is some excellent info right there, thanks for sharing! :heart:

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It’s been a couple years, but I damn near lost to one of those triple ancillary Herons. lol I get the feeling that getting back into EVE after a year away is going to suck.

This is an amazing resource, thanks for sharing!