Want to start learning how to solo PVP, need ship suggestions

Old school best school.

Fit up a T1 frigate of whatever you fly. Fit the best stuff you can. Doesn’t even matter if it sucks, just give it a try.
Look on the map for places with some kills in the last hour. Or just some known pirate havens like Old Man Star or Tama.
Jump in system and if the gate is clear, go make a safe or two.
Then just hop in local chat and ask for a 1v1 at the sun. Most likely you WILL get that honorable fight because people just want to PvP. Some pirate corps like BRRC enforce honoring arranged fights with kicking violators, so again- chances are you will get the closest to a ‘fair’ fight you will see in Eve.

When you die…because you will. Warp out to a safe with your pod. No bubbles in low sec means you should easily escape.
Put a GF in local and then feel free to ask questions.

Ask about your fit. Ask about tactics like orbit vs manual piloting. Ask about when to attack drones vs attacking the player ship.

Then go get another ship and do it again. And again. Eve players, especially it’s pirates, are turbo-nerds for PvP and will happily talk space murder all day.
You might be asked to join them. Do it. You will learn more in a fleet of even a couple dudes than you will in a month by yourself.
At the least, ask to join them in some fleet action. I offered to let everyone shoot me (I was in a failfit frigate anyway) at the end of the fleet. I did my first gate camping by escaping the camp then asking to join them.
That is how I got out of high sec and learned to love Eve Online. After a year of plunder and typing YAARRR in local I progressed to null sec where I live today. But it’s those early days bouncing Rifters off each other that sold me on this game for the long haul.


I am an experienced pvp player and still fly my starter fits around fw space. Try googling Breacher, Rifter, Merlin and Incursus pvp fits. They are cheap, fun and quite effective without blowing all your isk while learning pvp. It’s a great way to learn and you should end up with a 50/50 win/loss record, even when taking fights you are not “supposed” to win.