War with who? War System 2019?

Hello, like many of you before think it’s time we give a nice over haul to the war system? Why should the system be built on I want to declare war on your whole corp but really i just want to go after one person?

So the system should be split up on a few new rules and new ways to target people with a nice bounty system behind it. Oh yes why can’t we get the rating system on this as well. By adding more factors in with the mix the system could be great base on person security level and bounty system and I declare war system on it. I do think it’s time we just merge it all into one system the “War System”.

So the war system should be base on 3 items which you should be able to declare war on are,
Players - Corps / Alliances - Structures

Player or Players "I declare war system"
Q: Who can you war declare on?
A: Anyone, with 7 days max allowed to declare war on someone. You will only also be allow to do it up too 3 players at any given time. You will also not be allowed any aid during the fighting period.
Q: What would the bounty do?
A: Places a bounty on their head for X mount of time when you declare war on someone. With the min of 24 hours or max of one week.
Q: How would the Security effect the new system?
Security levels are base on how fast you can war-deck someone. Anything above 0 is 24 hours, anything below 0 line is and will be instant. No fee’s as well when you declare war players with below the 0 line.

Nope. If your target has friends, sucks to be you. Having to face a unified group at once is in theory one of the drawbacks to enabling highsec PvP.

(Yes, in practice defending corps are almost inevitably pathetic failures and never organize any meaningful resistance, but the option is supposed to be there.)

this is mostly do to they types of targeted corps and HS mechanics

basically there is almost never any gain to putting up a fight. aggressors will always get to chose the time and place meaning unless they are clueless they simply will not take a losing fight and not engage you until you can’t put one up.

if aggressive corps needed to have a structure this would be different but as is aggressors never have to risk anything

problem is if you add a structure it becomes very difficult for the HS corps who dec large numbers of groups to exist. These corps are a part of the game and many do enjoy being in them so the effect to them can’t just be ignored. much like how most hs dec corps now just camp hubs after the changes to the WL effected how dec corps used to operate

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Why is this a problem?

As an analogy, if I’m walking around the bar ■■■■-talking anyone and everyone, eventually some dude’s gonna get sick of my ■■■■ and punch me in the face. This is a perfectly reasonable response.

As it stands, I’m allowed to walk around said bar ■■■■-talking to my heart’s content without fear of any reprisal.

I’ve no issues with highsec wardecs, I live in null and our logistics are all npc corp. No skin off my back either way. But the idea that they can dec as many as they want and not have to be defensive is… flawed.

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i’m not saying it wouldn’t be a worth while change just that its not something that can be done w/o thinking of all parties involved and the impact it would have on HS and the economy in general

No, i don’t like the idea of a wardec against one person, for one it eliminate the some of the reason to be in a corp, and 2 it eliminates the reason to have friends … if friends can support you doing a wardec it counter the whole point of wardec a singel person.

What i pourpose they do with wardecs, could be seen as a buff for the victim or a nerf for the attacker, either way it would be a great isk sink and a good addition in my opinion.

When you wardec a corp, you have to pay concord a bribe to allow the attack in highsec. that is very onesided as you can’t do anything about it other then flee or fight.

So CCP should add a counterbribe system, within the 24hour waiting time. so the victim corp, could say " Hi concord person, if i pay you the SAME amount as the wardeccer would you pretty please void the war ".

the result should then be something like this

  1. the war privilige for the attacker is void.
  2. the wardec bribe is lost ( concord keeps it ) *
  3. the Attacking corp can’t wardec the same corp again in X time
  4. the Victim pays their bribe

i think that would add some balance into the wardec system, as you can counter a wardec better.

  • reason for the attacker to still lose their isk is to prevent, trolling where corps are wardecced endlessly just to make them pay or accept a war .

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