Warning about conduit suicide ganking

This post is to warn all conduit runners about recent incidents of suicide ganking taking place in several emerging conduits near Jita.

As conduits become a good income source, many players have invested heavily on conduit fits. But now the gankers have noticed this trend and they’re taking advantage of it. The gankers often warp in at the 3rd wave when the trigs have highest DPS, they’ll warp scram you and open fire. Pilots with poor tank or a focus on firepower will be taken down quickly, leaving trig databases and valuable modules for loot.

It is advised that all pilots use caution and keep an eye on your overview, or simply put more tank on you ship. And most importantly, save your trig database into stations once in a while, so even if you get ganked, they won’t get too much reward.

Have a nice day and fly safe.

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Suicide ganking can happen everywhere in Highsec.
Welcome to Eve.


Yeah I’m aware of that, that’s why I never use afk fits.


Why would you do it near Jita in the first place?




Fair point well made

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I don’t do it near jita, and I haven’t lost any conduit ship to suicide ganking either.
The victim is some poor noob in our corp, at least he knows why we stay away from jita.

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You must be new…

Near Jita… of all places… And you say it as if you thought it’s only there that this is happening… recently…

Man, your post should have been about you not having been aware of this until it happened to a member of your corp… Now that wold have made some sense…

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What’s the point to emphasize this happened “recently” or “have been there for a long time”? This is just a warning message to anyone who don’t know about it yet.
If you want to brag about your “veterancy”, go somewhere else.


The point is you’re making an entire thread just to “warn” of something that’s business as usual and to be expected may happen anywhere, more so near Jita…

There is nothing new or special about pilots getting ganked doing those (or any other) sites. It’s just you not having been aware of that until it happened to a member of your corp…

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Warning: oven may be hot when turned on. Also shoving forks into electrical sockets to determine if the power is working is not a good idea.


There are occasionally new players on the forums that might not be aware of Jita as a potential death trap. If this topic isn’t useful to you personally, why the ■■■■ are you bothering to come in here to comment anyway?

Normally I don’t bother saying anything because all that will happen is a bunch of you will now give ME ■■■■ over posting here, but it’s been a bleh day, and venting helps. Vent over. Thanks.


Are you saying Jita is too competitive for you?

If you can make it here you can make it anywhere



Pssst … don’t tell them about the caffeine…

Your advise sucks balls … a mining permit is what is needed.


I can’t speak for others, but the reason I do it is because pointing out that this “warning” has no relevance whatsoever and why is actually more informative than the “warning” itself for anyone for which this could be news…

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I mean, sigh, you’re right. I just don’t always see the point of posts just tearing into someone who posted with good intentions.

In any case, I really do enjoy this community generally. Hope everyone is having a good one.

Sorry I’m just a big carebear who wants to live an easy life. I hate competition since it lowers my isk/hour, I’d rather find a quiet place and do it fast and undisturbed.

■■■■ that mining permit, you dare to come collect it I’ll pay it to you, in the form of Void L.

Bro, I already have… wtf is the deal with miners and their empty threats with fake tough talk?