Warp Jamming Pirate Rats in Hisec Killed my Tanked Procurer, Drones did zilch to them

Warp Jamming Pirate Rats in 0.7 Hisec Killed my Tanked Procurer, Drones did zilch to them. WTF? if a CODE member or player had suicide ganked me there it would be one thing. I’m always aware that can happen.

But rats that can destroy a tanked proc overloading their defensive modules and warp jam you at the same time? Not cool for hisec. it was Guristas, thats pirates. not a defense fleet.

No, I was not afk. But NPC rats in hisec have never warp jammed before, and never been invincible to my drones on my procurer, so I didnt run when I saw them, they showed as frigates, I tried to fight becuase I know frigs arent that strong- well think again.

If all I had to do was hold out for CONCORD… I woulda been safe. CONCORD doesnt show for NPCs.

Apparently this is some new garbage called a FOB… well I dont mind them being a hindrance to mining that requires you to get help from friends, but the fact they are warp jamming invincible frigates is NOT OK.

Without the jamming I could run and get help. With it, I lost a proc IN ■■■■■■■ 0.7 with no concord help, and no way to know I was in danger until it was far too late.

to CCP- delete warp jamming from FOBs, and its an ok mechanic.

FOB is not new at all…

Read the signs.

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