Warp Out Bugged, resulting in a lost ship

I submitted this in a bug report but has not gotten a response, looking for some support here.

While completing the mission “Human Cattle (5 of 5)” in my Confessor, I got to the final gate, there was an Amarr pirate sitting there I had to kill which I did. I wanted to see how formidable the remaining forces were so I started heading inbound. As I noticed the damage was going to be to much to handle, I hit warp drive to get out of there, however, my warp drive just sat with a full blue bar saying “WARPING” and no warp, I only lasted for about 15 seconds, waiting for this warp to go off, I was in propulsion mode and no scram/web was applied to me. I just didn’t warp and eventually died to the NPC damage.

Again, the WARP just sat there, for at least 8 seconds+ not warping, no I was not hitting anything throwing me off alignment and no I was not warp disrupted. I was in open space and the thing applying damage was Sentry Towers like 50km away.

Kill: Skyi Commander (Confessor)

Session Info:
Character: Skyi Commander (94392553)
Solar System: Osmeden (30003831)

Reproduction Steps

  1. Undocked from mission hub.
  2. Warped into first gate, destroyed all hostiles, salvaged their remains.
  3. Did the same for the following two gates.
  4. Warrped into the laste gate, fought off the one pirate, moved in closer, got attacked, attempted to warp off but just didn’t warp, I just sat there… full warp bar… not warping, until I died.

Common effect, let me guess …

… you were at full speed with your AB or MWD
… you hit warp in a completely different direction
… you switched to propulsion mode

By doing so, you significantly increase your warp out time … the ship first has to come to a stop, then accelerate to the new direction, and with switching the mode you add more max speed to your prop mod making it slower to get into warp.

15s and more is normal in such a situation, forget about the “warping” text. I lost more than one ship in PvP to that panic reactions.

A better way to get out faster
… align to warp out
… switch to prop mode
… decycle your AB/MWD
… hit warp

Ideally this should get you into warp the moment your prop mod completes the cycle and stops.

EDIT: not fully sure about step 2, maybe it’s better to just keep the mode if it’s not prop mode from the beginning.

No, the mission starts you off way far away from a base, as soon as you land there is one rat sitting there you have to kill with ALOT of other ones like 70km off. I killed the rat as it is intended to do, I wanted to see the damage the rest of them could apply. The rest of them were not meant to be killed as killing the one rat completed the objective, thus why they were so strong. Regardless, wishing to test their might, I hit propulsion mode and headed inbound with my MWD on. about 20km in, I started taking heavy damage and decided to bail, so I clicked my station on my over view and hit dock. My ship turned slightly and this is when it just sat there with the WARPING in blue, it felt like forever but I never warped when I def shoulda, I was running my armor repairer waiting for my ship to warp, I even remember yelling “OMG WTH are you waiting for?! WARP already!”

If I was already in propulsion mode, this shouldn’t of been the issue, especially since the alignment to warp out was only like a 75 degree turn and I was aligned pretty quickly, the ship did not need to fully slow, it just coasted into a turn.

Don’t think the direction matters if outside 5% of warpout target, means it’s always treated like a full stop, reaccelerating to 70% speed regardless of what the UI visualize to you. Also aligntime is higher with MWD on.

I would recommend to submit a ticket and ask for clarification. If something was wrong with the game, you likely get a reimbursement.

I have submitted a ticket, they have not answered it. >.<

Reimbursement-tickets usually take a while to be processed. Patience.

This just happened to me and I lost a ship because of it. The ship stopped and aligned, then Aura said “warp drive active” and the interface showed that the ship was warping but in reality it was just sitting there and getting shot at. I couldn’t do anything and after 5 seconds of “warping” the ship got scrambled. 99.99% of the time the ship would have simply warped away within a second.

This also happened once before while I was in combat. It took 10 seconds and I barely got out.

This has happened to me before too. The original response was right. MWD/AFB can drastically affect warp times especially if you need to warp in a different direction. If you play with various scenarios with your confessor you will be able to reproduce what happened and figure out how to avoid it.

Just experienced it again. This time I recorded it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysbzP2X_KDY

That’s not a bug, you’re at 0 with an asteroid and it is disturbing your trajectory, preventing your ship from properly accelerating towards your warp destination.

Next time make sure there is nothing close by when you want to warp off. There’s barely ever a reason to get within 2km of stuff anyways (you can loot, mine, shoot, etc. from further than that), so don’t do it. One of the few use cases is bumping, which is essentially doing to others what the asteroid is doing to you now.

Now that you mention it, I just noticed that in the overview there is a dense veldspar asteroid right beside me. Although it wasn’t even visible so I didn’t know it was there. I guess this is a case of an invisible asteroid?

On the server, pretty much every object in EVE is a big sphere, the diameter of which is the longest axis of the object (maybe plus a little bit of buffer so things don’t penetrate each other. EVE is family friendly!). If two spheres touch, bumping (disrupted trajectories) occurs.

In your client, every object is a nicely detailed thing, which fits within the sphere it is represented by on the server. It is entirely possible that you don’t see any contact, in fact it is quite unlikely that you would given that the geometry of most EVE objects leaves a lot of “empty” space in their sphere.

Next time you see something at 0, click on it in the overview (select or target it) to see what gets highlighted in space. Recognizing what not to bump into is the beginning of advanced piloting.

You was told to deal with that dirty pirate only but you decided to go further where all the friends of the Shokerwave been waiting for you…
So you did pay for your curiosity.

So it’s like really bad hitboxes.

Essentially, yes.

There’s a post-hoc explanation in the lore (that and the rest of EVE’s wonky physics) but yeah, all of it is due to how the engine/game works.

It is a simplified method of handling collisions and whatnot so the servers are not overloaded with overly complex calculations.

If interested this article explains it well how it works:


Also useful for in-game purposes and reading it can save your ship in certain circumstances.

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