Warp Welling

Warp Welling is a process that I came am across by accident. One day I was jumping to a gate and pinged a communication node in the system. I opened the Local Chat screen and began chatting. I noticed that I was still in the warp tunnel and had been for at least a minute. I then closed down the Local Chat channel and almost instantly I emerged from the warp tunnel into normal space. Sometimes I tried this while transiting through a gate and found out that doing so would place me up to 99,999 km away from the gate being jumped into.

I am uncertain how the process works but it would have to involve some aspect of using Abyssal Space to create a rift between our space and their space that allowed me to actually move space time around me almost infinitely while I had already arrived at my destination.

If we are able to access Abyssal Space through a connection with Neutral Space Time then we should also be able to access Radiant Space through the same connection with Neutral Space Time.

Radiant Space would be a contemporary opposite of what Abyssal Space is.


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