Was blocked in https://support.eveonline.com

One of my account was blocked in https://support.eveonline.com. Looks like they just blocked support chat, than - account in support site.
What a reason for this?
Im playing many years in EVE, sometimes i have mutes or bans in support channel, but now they block any ways to communicate about game troubles or something. Its legal?

Dang…how many frivolous reimbursment requests, complaints, probably threats of “ledal action” and so on would you have to throw at support for them to actually block you eventually?


As usual it is obvious they did nothing wrong…

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They got sick of you?
They don’t want to put up with repeat requests after already telling you no?
You don’t follow what their own replies have said, so they don’t see any point in further discussion?
You were abusive to CCP staff in communication?

Could be many reasons, but sure thing is, the root cause is with you, not them.


Yes beyond a certain point you are not eligible of access to support. Never heard anyone actually being blocked from support before so they must have a very good reason to do so. But hey maybe am wrong and if you sue them you can get millions of dollars in compensation for being mistreated. :wink:

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Its Xmas and you got blocked by an official wing of CCP?


Man, I thought I was a pain in the butt :sweat_smile:

Don’t know. Talk to a lawyer :grin:


I love the fact that the guy who has been repeatedly banned by a support channel ( which is amazing by itself) can’t figure out why he had been blocked permanently in the same thread in which he vaguely threatens legal action because someone doesn’t want to talk to him.

And I bet you just owned up to 100% of it all…

Why would we (or they) care about someone’s issues if they are a habitual problematic clown? Enjoy the consequences of your choices.

Bringing a whole new level to winning eve

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Lol you are too serious

Aren’t you the one complaining here? Random person who has no zkill history, in a starter npc corp, and this is their first post on the forums?

what a problem with that?

Could you post some of your interactions with support? Im curious about them.

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