WASME - Likely Suspects - (EU/US) Nullsec PVP Corp

Looking for a new place to go to in EvE?

[WASME] Likely Suspects is a corp with a long history in eve. We have changed names a few times but the core group remains.
We are recently returning from a hiatus in 0.0 after major events of last year. The fall of two major entities. We have found a new home in RAZOR Alliance

What we can offer:
Access to Nullsec space.
Access to regular PVP fleets.
Alliance SRP
Capital Fleets
Alliance Industrial facilities
A social group to hangout with and have fun together.

What we require:
Voice Communication (TS3)
Self-sufficiency for ISK making.
Willingness to purchase some doctorine ships [Corp has some we can hand out]
Willingness to train into doctorine ships
Meet fleet requirements each month
Full ESI

We are primarily EUTZ, however we do have some USTZ aswell.

Our Recruiters:
Shairun Choldar
Slim Wan

Feel free to contact either of them or join us in ‘Likely Public’

Or join us on Discord:

Look forward to flying with you capsuleer.

Recruitment is Open!

Still looking for more pilots!

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