Waste reallocation

so when you mine you now generate waste.

however it seems to me that mining with strip miners is more effective than mining with crystals.
in my mind this is all wrong and backwards

i think the waste system should be allocated to ships, this way regardless of the ship, it is the ship itself which causes the waste factor, this way the bigger the ship the bigger the waste

this can then become a value you can off set by using better equipment

so T2 Strip Miners will produce less waste than the T1’s
type C crystals Produce less waste than type A

this way using Type C crystals with T2 modules will off set the waste factor the most, however i don’t think it should be entirely eliminated from the process

this way the more skilled you are at mining and maybe even reprocessing certain ores the less waste you generate as you progress through the game.

alternatively, you could change the state of rocks so that, similar to mercoxit they require not nessacerily special lasers, but perhaps the crystals to mine.

if the waste mechanics were to stay the same, this would make a lot more sense but probably still make a bunch of multiboxers rage quit. (not exactly a draw back in my mind)

Yes, increased waste for low tier equipment and reduced waste for high tier equipment was the initial idea.

And it was a terrible idea, as it meant that newbies would be barred from mining at valuable sites by veteran players who did not like to see those valuable ores go wasted.

So instead CCP did the opposite and gave more waste to the higher tier better-performing equipment as an offset for the higher yield. Now you can choose between lower yield more efficient mining or higher yield less efficient mining. This is a much better balance.

Your idea is the same as the initial idea CCP had, and is not a good idea as it leads to situations where newbies are not allowed to mine more valuable ore by their corp members in order to reduce wasted value.


The only thing CCP did wrong (in my opinion) about waste is that T1 equipment is more efficient than the most efficient T2 equipment, so that now people are punished for using better equipment even if they choose the most efficient version (type A crystals).

T1 equipment should have had the same amount of waste as T2 type A mining.

It’s the general rule : faction is more efficient, T2 is less. It’s the case for T2 ammos, they have reduced application. Also for T2 modules, they have increased cap consumption. If we can get faction crystals, they should have reduced wastage.
Also, Bigger should always mean slower. So bigger lasers => less efficient.

T2 mining lasers aren’t bigger than T1 though.

And I completely agree that some T2 mining will be less efficient, especially the high yield type B crystals.

What I’m surprised about is that the efficient type A crystals also are worse than T1 for efficiency.

No, they are T2, and

And that’s what I am saying. all T2 ammos are less “precise” than T1 ones. Basically the more DPS / yield, the less precision/efficiency, except for faction ones (that should have the same efficient, or even better, than T1 ).

Generally you have multiple T2 ammos. One bigger, one more precise. Take torpedos for example.

T1 - baseline
T2 rage - less precise, more damage
T2 javelin - added range, just as precise as T1

What I was thinking is that while type B crystals could be the ‘Rage’ ammo for miners with high yield and low efficiency, the type A crystals have no reason to be less precise or less efficient than T1 mining.

yes, but the javelin has lower DPS. Also, the “precision” long range has more tracking, but at the cost of range, making it worse than the T1 at the actual range.

So yes, you could have higher range, lower yield laser with T1 waste. Because they have lower yield.

well ores are divided up into different catagories now.

perhaps the new equipment should be divided up this way too.

for example
T1 stuff is good for low waste in say high sec
T2 would be better at low sec ores
Faction could be good for Nullsec ores, using the wrong equipment in the wrong sec status of space produces more wastage, this way it becomes a case “the right tool for the job”

it does make sense that different materials have different densities and such, so veldspar even though when refined contains low levels of trit, ultimately wouldn’t then be very dense.

dense veldspar does exisit but if you compare it to Hemorphite which contains more trit and other minerals, would be more dense.

similar to how each enemy had its weaknesses to certain types of damage

i can see specific ship builds and crystal types being used for optimal mining yields with minimal waste.


mercoxit requires special lasers and specific deep core mining (at least it used too, not sure about now) so having something like that i can see being viable

this way each group has the

t1 = most waste
t2 = intermediate
t2 = crystals less than above
faction = minimal

You said mining with strips is “more effective” than mining with crystals. Which do you do? And why?

Nah. It’s the general rule : more power => less precision. Don’t beg for your personal little imbalance.

mining with strip miners and lasers should produce less waste than just mining with strip miners.

there is nothing wrong with needing the right tool for the right job

There is something wrong with asking for a change that would imbalance the game in favor of oneself.

I’m not asking for in favor of oneself, i don’t know how you got to that conclusion.

please explain this imbalance

Then you are asking for a change that would be simply worse.

please read.

you could explain your point and reasoning as to how its an imbalance
instead of just pointing fingers and implying everything i type is wrong and going hurrr durrr read it again

T2 strips already have crystals for different type ores.
Also you are not talking different tasks here, you are just saying ‘Better tools only work in higher value space’ which is doubling down on ‘T2 must be better’

You could checkout out what balance means, and understand why bigger guns have lower tracking.

Or you can be a douchebag and complain that you lack said knowledge.

I can see you made your choice.

Learn to read Game balance - Wikipedia

so do T1’s

I didn’t say it was a perefect solution, this is why its the “player features & ideas forum”

what do you propose to improve on this concept and find a working viable solution

you do know we’re talking about mining on this post right?

you also understand that t2 weapons typically have a faster rate of fire and faction / officer are above that?

so it stands to reason that t2 lasers or t2 strip miners should produce less waste.

this is based on the fact it takes skill to use them, training this skill takes time and that players should be rewarded for investing their time into mining rather than hindered by it?

to hinder a player for improving a skill seems pretty unbalanced to me.



No, on the opposite.

No, that would be imbalance.

Good things it’s not the case then.

That’s your problem : you are too dumb to use logic. Your sentences have zero logic link from one to the next.

Since you are too dumb to actually have an opinion, suffice to say “no, because you are too dumb”.

Don’t change what isn’t broken.
Faster mining having higher waste is a fine balance, and keeps mining from becoming elitist.