Watching Paint Dry and Grass Grow

I assume you meant General Discussion? I will give you the rundown of my Eve Online experience since you asked. It all started sometime last July.
Last summer a friend and next door neighbor was visiting me because I was depressed and he suggested I try playing this game. We used to play Star Trek together but that was the dumbest space sim ever.

I started into research mode - this is where I learn to play the game before I download it - I watched videos, read reviews, etc… I decided it was worth a look and downloaded it in August. While I was making my 3 characters my grand daughter entered my crazy corner of the room. “Can I play too grandma?” so I let her make my 3 characters. I mean come on, what damage can she do to a character no one will see but in name only?

She played with the character generator - she is pretty good at that stuff for a 8 year old - and when she was done I had; Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. I didn’t let her use the Disney names since Disney sues just about anyone including themselves. You can check the 3 princesses online they all belong to the same dummy corp “P.R.I.C.E.”.

I started with the career missions as my neighbor told me, but those are boring and I never finished them 100%. I went to mining kernite in low sec and as an alpha player I found the ISK rewards beneficial but 17 minutes mining a load was like watching grass grow. After some time, I spoke again to my neighbor, just to find out what I was doing wrong. He assured me that it takes alphas a bare minimum of roughly 14 minutes with upgrades to mine a load. Then he told me I should mine gas with him and he would even give me a cut for hauling the gas to market.

I did some and found out he is all wet. The gas - if you plan to do that sort of thing - is better price in low sec and not inside wormholes. Wormholes have these rats you need to clear out, while he cleared them for us to mine, I found out the gas sites in low sec don’t have rats. No rats and higher pay. However mining gas is like watching paint dry. There is really nothing to do while you sit there waiting to get attacked by a random player. I mine a full load in 50 minutes with my scoops. Once again he suggested I play the built in Covid game while I wait. September to November I made about 2.5 to 3 billion ISK sitting at my desk in my crazy corner.

I am not one for PvP much, especially when you are the free pinata account. I did some research in November and built my first free port station. It is still there, I don’t use it, I just visit to toss more logs on the fire to keep it operational. I went with the Raitaru but doing more research I see the Astrahus allows more defense with fighters so I might build that one next. My friend told me I am nuts and should have spent the ISK on ships. Since I blew all my ISK on the station, I am right back up to over 1 billion. Maybe this spring you will stumble upon another free to abuse station owned by 3 princesses.

Eve is a nice place to watch grass grow and paint dry.


To add some level of excitement while mining, there can be a few things that a Capsuleer can help with the experience of watching paint dry or grass growing. To some this alone can be relaxing stress free as it is a game after all and should be fun for the Capsuleer no mater how they are looked upon or compared with the general norm of mining.

An example could lay on the pilots focus to stay alert by going suspect when in highsec vile mining.

*exhibit a*

Currently mining in the Winter Ice belt shile suspect as my thinking is that the paint will dry quicker when a focus on local / dscan is required.

Side note;
Rose Ivory, the question on whether you wish to be addressed as a Princess of low sec would totally be up to you and that comment made was how I would reply to such princesses of New Eden while also focusing mostly on the context such as your scooping gas in 0.4 low sec which really just sparked interest to learn of a princess mining gas in lowsec.

I like to consider myself as a miner and I also believe in the fairytail to some extent of there being princesses in New Eden.

Each year in Eve Online I had been moving out of Highsec little by little and spending more of my time in Lowsec where I can only imagine there would be a major difference in the type of princess in that area of New Eden.

exhibit B
By searching for ways to fuel the mind while watching paint dry or grass grow does indeed help with speeding up that time to be less of a boring activity such as mining can become if a Capsuleer doesn’t try to fuel their mind while waiting for ice or ore or gas in your respect reaching the cargohold.

I am a ninja wormhole huffer and miner.
Normally I do not have too much time to be bored since that dscan button isn’t pressing itself, but when I feel particularly safe, I just run probe scans while mining. Keeps me busy enough in any average jspace system. And yes, in jspace rats will show up at most gas sites after roundabout 20 minutes of anyone warping there. Still a good amount of time to go fo the gas with the highest price tag, warp out when the rats come and find another gas site or switch to Ore, if present. A mobile depot and having all the equipment on board helps tremendously to shift priority inside jspace. You never know what you find.

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Watching Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings dry can be fun and exciting if you have a bunch of different cool ones to switch between. :wink: #nopoors :face_with_monocle:

Alternatively you can also launch fireworks in space which is also fun and exciting. :star_struck:

Also if you are into such you can blow stuff up and produce fireworks that way. :smiling_imp:


Just remembered that when an Asteroid is depleted it implodes into a beautiful red ball of residue.


I did the whole dscan thing at first. Tap… tap… tap… tap… tap … A venture fully fitted with 2 gas scoops, engine, med. shield ext., mineral scanner, etc. can’t run you over 12 million. After my first load of gas or getting my value to equal ship cost, I just don’t care about the advanced babysitting button. I played with the overview and have it show me ships in my local area. If anyone shows up, even if they are only peddling a bicycle, I warp to dock. Babysitting a button isn’t all that “entertaining”. There have been times I flip over to my Facebook games and play Bingo or Wordle on my phone. I have made some nice things arts and crafts table too, while mining in Eve. By the way, I am not saying I don’t enjoy the AFK grind of Eve, I play this and Black Desert with my grand daughter. We love the clothes virtual doll houses on there as well.

I normally play fantasy based games because I have always enjoyed writing fantasy stories. Back in 1989, I went to play D&D at a house, were met my future husband. He was an awesome dungeon master, so I married him. I did write some sci-fi but all the geeks and neckbeards in Star Trek ask real science questions… like they completely missed the part about it being fiction. Meanwhile I can have a wizard chased by vampires and werewolves through time, fly a dragon through the vacuum of space to another world, and the readers know it is all possible. Because magic duh! At least I don’t get that vibe here with people talking about real world physics.

I don’t see myself going gold or omega, I will continue to poop out stations, when I can afford them, and hope the pirates out there can respect the free housing.

Have fun!

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Understandable, although in jspace it is a bit different. There is no local chat or something.
There could be zero or a hundred people with you in that system. Only way for you to find out is indeed the dscan button. Plus, you potentially have half a dozen or more entrances (wormholes) into the system, so people could pop up anytime.

One question, where do I read this fiction?

As an avid SF and Fantasy fan I’ll read anything like that, in fact I just downloaded the original Lensman series of books I read as a kid from Amazon.

It’s not your fault, and simply more of CCP’s patented dogshit game design intended to waste your time as much as possible. Not having automated radar scanning in a military game with “ships” in it is utterly nonsensical.

The way you stay safe in a wormhole while minimizing input will require at least one alt. You park that alt on the current static, and turn up the sound. Anything that jumps through will create an audible alert. At the same time, you should have probes out. Occasionally run a probe scan to see if any new signatures appear in the system. The moment you detect a new signature, adopt a defensive posture, because it could be a new wormhole connection. All of this will minimize (but not fully eliminate) your odds of getting jumped to the point where you’d be earning considerably more than what you occasionally lose.

Older game design options from generations past, 10 years would equal a gaming generation to my understanding which allows myself to imagine that back when those modules were programmed they would had seemed new, fresh and exciting to use.

Now into the 3rd generation? We see new menu feature windows being created. AIR Career Program, Opportunities, etc.

The scanning module has a delay for a reason that was designed for another generation of capsuleer than the current as the Capsuleer seems to now want everything handed to them. \o/ Now this is not a bad design nore is it to be concidered a poor choice in Capsuleer want/need/demand to have access to such data instantly.

Change is needed to either slow down a process or speed it up when looking at the large picture of maintaining a capsuleers focus even if it means focusing on what we have avaliable which can be compared with watching paint dry.

“Imagine it” is correct, since much of EVE’s fundamentals (mining, scanning, making 20+ jumps, etc. - even PvP) have been boring as heck since the game began. Being bored in space appears to have been part of the initial design intent, since that was the easiest way to set up cheap easy victims for PvP.


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Early in my writing, I wrote the fantasy adventure novel, “The Empty Box” under the pen name Norma Bond. Don’t bother looking for it, as no one desired to publish it. I enjoy working with fantasy as there is no fans asking how magic works. When I wrote something for Star Trek, I had people telling me technical science jargon and saying, “You don’t understand how the transporters work!” What they fail to comprehend is there is no such animal in real life, how can you understand the inner workings of a fictional device? My friends have said, I should publish “The Empty Box” on Amazon books, since I wrote it before the service was ever created. Maybe I will some day in the future. My husband is an avid Star Trek and science fiction fan. He is too busy for games. I still play more on Black Desert than I do here.

I can see a lot of this game over the past few months is all about delay tactics and AFK play. I know the possible dangers of using the autopilot. Yet, I often route through a “bad system” and hit the autopilot. When I end up at my destination in one piece, I am not sure if it is just dumb luck or the fact that I really don’t care. My neighbor plays in wormholes sucking gas, his strategy is planting 3 or more navigational points and using combat probes to seek player ships. He won’t bother to mine gas, if any of the wormholes leads to null systems.

However I look at the prices and I don’t get fullerites in low security as you normally find in wormholes. I always get the mykoserocyn gases. The last time I mined, I found 3 untapped clouds in a 0.4 system. It took hours but I didn’t babysit the mining operation. This game is a lot of AFK game play much the same as Black Desert. In that one, I can set my auto path to ride my horse around in circles leveling my character’s training skill and leveling the horse up too. PvP is open world and if your character is level 50 or greater you might come back to find a dead horse and rider. Players will train in town and this creates a lot of congestion. It is reasonable safe, but if your auto path is close to the boarder, a PvPer can attack you and flee from the city guards. A lot of AFK fishing in that game too.

Have fun!

The link shows the thread commented by someone on that forum back in 2008 who complained about other gamers with how they spend their money.

Scroll down to how 2008 forum user Jasz responded with;

OMG…Of all the arguments you may have, you say the PVP is bland. I’d really love to see your idea of exciting then. EVE has (By a landslide) the best PVP I’ve ever seen.

Therefore I stick to my guns regarding different generations.

I just noticed this, I was planning to head in there today and toss more fuel into the furnace.

Congrats to the Banana Tigers, it took 8 battleships to take out my little station. Depending on my schedule, I will get to work soon on the next P.R.I.C.E. station. Being retired allows me more time than most people, still I get busy with BDO, family, and my health. Maybe by this February I will get the Astrahus built.

Alpha Station lasted 42 days.

Have fun!

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