WE 26 Nov 17 Connection failures including 'Socket disconnects'

Week ending 26 Nov 17

Owing to the widespread and ongoing occurrence of server connection failures, which lead to extensive disruption in the playing of the game including:-

  • rubber banding,
  • session change delays,
  • undock blackscreens, and
  • the legendary ‘socket disconnect’

and as my previous topic gathered a total of 56 player responses reporting issues (although zero responses from CCP devs etc), I have created this thread as a place for people to report and describe such occurrences for the benefit of the CCP devs and networking team.

Please post a description of your problem with as much detail as possible!

yeah I get these regularly, multiple times per night, I am on between 16.30 and 22:00 and last night I had 3 socket closures, sometimes it will effect both accounts that are open, sometimes it will effect only 1. It’s getting beyond a joke. Luckily at the moment ive only lost one ship from it which was reimbursed

It’ll be good for CCP to acknowledge this and get about fixing it, moving around a WH with a hauler and a billion in the hold is butt clenching enough as it is without socket disconnects.

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