We Are The Greatest Nation In The History of the World :parrotdad:

It’s ironic that about a third of Eve Online players live in the United States but CCP doesn’t give a :poop: about what we have to say.

*The Third Reich called and they need their manifesto back. :rofl:


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These type of people is why so many hate us.


Too bad Iceland doesn’t have any oil…if they did we’d have inject some freedom in their life.

Feels good to have 13 aircraft carriers, the ability to project conventional forces anywhere in the world, and a ton of ICBM’s with canned sunshine at the ready should any fuzzy foreigner get froggy.

Wow, inb4 :lock:


We Are The Greatest Nation In The History of the World

In 3 categories:

  • Percentage of the population with obesity
  • Percentage of the population that is incarcerated
  • Percentage of the population that believes angels are real (and other totally ridiculous claims, like the earth being flat)

You’re not the first in any other category. That includes freedom.


You had me at “inject”.

Go crying to your masters little vj.


We have more aircraft carriers and the ability to project a multi division combat operation over blue water…nobody else in the world can do that’s

So there’s that.

@ISD_Buldath How is the jump fatigue? Looks like another easy gank for you.


Do snitches get rewards?

If you believe your own ■■■■■■■■ propaganda, yeah. But reality doesn’t agree with that.

Plex for snitches is still alive https://www.eveonline.com/article/responsible-disclosure-reporting-security-issues/

Come on, that is so lame. I had higher expectations than that.

Edit: You are embarrassing all the good trolls out there.

Propaganda? Those 13 aircraft carriers aren’t imaginary?
Who else has the ability to project conventional forces across blue water?


You’re right. We have a much larger arsenal that we choose to keep secret.

Good try though. #MAGA FTW!

You should stop with this nonsense.